Light it Up by Rev Theory


Rev Theory. The name probably doesn’t ring a bell for most of you out there. Previously known as Revelation Theory, the quintet have been touring non-stop since their first album, Truth is Currency dropped in 2005. Light it Up represents their sophomore effort, released in the summer of 2008.


Hard rock may be a rather over saturated genre and Rev Theory don’t make any attempt to creatively expand on the sound either. What they do though, is give it a unique and consistent identity of their own. Which is why this is a pretty darn good album to listen to, even though the band itself may be a tad bit obscure.


Starting with the powerful anthem Hell Yeah, the ten tracks on this record are abundant with guitars. The vocals are by Rich Liuzzi and are pretty solid. It’s impossible to resist the melodious hard rock flavour on tracks like Light it Up and Wanted Man, the former being one of the singles off the tracklist. Favourite Disease at track #2 has a distinct punkish element to it, filled with screeching guitars and soaring vocals. Kill the Headlights has some electronica going for it and Rev even do their take on grunge on the dark themed Falling Down. None of the songs are experimental per-se, but the quieter tracks vis a vis Broken Bones and You’re the One really do shine on the album yet don’t match the vibe of any of the other tracks. As a listener, I was taken in enough not to press skip, yet be treated to similar sounding tracks from beginning to end. Pretty weird combo eh? Rev have nailed it on this one though.


#1. Hell Yeah 4:07
#2. Favourite Disease 3:41
#3. Light it Up 4:13
#4. Broken Bones 4:26
#5. Kill the Headlights 3:15
#6. Wanted Man 3:41
#7. Ten Years 3:43
#8. Falling Down 4:05
#9. You’re the One 4:20
#10. Far From Over 3:59


Rich Liuzzi: Vocals
Julien Jorgensen: Rhythm Guitar
Rikki Lixx: Lead Guitar
Matty McCloskey: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave Agoglia: Drums


Brian Howes
Josh Abraham


June 10, 2008


Light it Up
Hell Yeah
Far From Over
Broken Bones

You had better be warned that there is nothing groundbreaking about this album, it’s just a good 21st century hard rock album and well worth a listen. It would work well for all you guitar aficionados out there. My favourite tracks on the album are Light It Up, Broken Bones, and Wanted Man. I first heard of this group when Light it Up played on an online radio. It would have been a long shot for me to hear about them otherwise, judging by the lack of publicity these guys go for. Pity, as they can be a rather popular hard rock outfit.





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