Dark Horse by Nickelback


Nickelback’s first album has been their best in my opinion, and they’ve been playing catch up since. 2000’s The State made a pretty good fist of it but they’ve remained stagnant with their musical direction since. Late 2008 brought around the same old music with a different cover with the release of Dark Horse. Even influential producer “Mutt” Lange couldn’t put a finger on how to get about changing the band’s soundscape. Beats me.


#1. Something in Your Mouth 3:38
#2. Burn It to the Ground 3:28
#3. Gotta Be Somebody 4:13
#4. I’d Come For You 4:22
#5. Next Go Round 3:43
#6. Just to Get High 4:02
#7. Never Gonna Be Alone 3:47
#8. Shakin’ Hands 3:39
#9. S.E.X. 3:52
#10. If Today Was Your Last Day 4:07
#11. This Afternoon 4:34


Chad Kroeger: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Peake: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Kroeger: Bass
Daniel Adair: Drums


“Mutt” Lange


November 18, 2008


Gotta Be Somebody
Something in Your Mouth
If Today Was Your Last Day
I’d Come For You
Burn It to the Ground
Never Gonna Be Alone
Shakin’ Hands
This Afternoon


So we’ve all heard it before. There’s a hard hitting track up front, Something in Your Mouth. It has everything that a Nickelback fan has probably heard as an opener – heavy guitar, drums and a wailing Chad Kroeger. Even this is excusable had it not been for #2 going in the same direction as well. Unnerving, really.


As for any other impressions, remember Photograph? While the band may have gotten dissed for going mainstream with a track such as that, it’s clone as Gotta Be Somebody is a good listen past the frenetic openers. Thankfully, the four-piece sprayed the album with a couple more of these lighter ones, in If Today Was Your Last Day and This Afternoon. Both feature laid back vocals and guitar and are apparently good enough for single status, as are Gotta be Somebody and Something in Your Mouth.


Don’t get too carried away by any exclusivity in that last comment there, those ain’t the only ones. There are eight singles to this album. Eight. If you’re not a fan of commercialization, I’d say you’re better off checking out the three songs left out and leave it at that. You won’t be missing much anyway, nothing you haven’t heard before on the likes of All the Right Reasons, or The Long Road. Here’s hoping that the band see sense in their next release, then. Zero marks for experimentation.





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