World’s on Fire by The Prodigy


So The Prodigy played their biggest ever headlining gig on home territory in the summer of 2010, and it only made sense to come up with a DVD and Blu-ray recording of it. World’s on Fire is how they decided to go about it, and it captures the Milton Keynes’ National Bowl with its large lawn-based arena in some of its dusky glory. The sixteen tracks performed besides the intro, are lifted off four of the five studio albums from this big beat group’s stables; only their 2004 effort, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is without representation. This came about as most of the focus was expectedly on their latest effort at the time, Invaders must Die.


#1. Intro
#2. Breathe
#3. Omen
#4. Colours
#5. Thunder
#6. Warrior’s Dance
#7. Firestarter
#8. Run with the Wolves
#9. Weather Experience
#10. Voodoo People
#11. Omen (Reprise)
#12. Invaders Must Die
#13. Smack My Bitch Up
#14. Take Me to the Hospital
#15. Everybody in the Place
#16. Their Law
#17. Out of Space


23rd May, 2011




In any case, you can’t really scoff at a setlist as well rounded as this one. The songs are pretty cleverly arranged – the phenomenon of them gradually building in energy is by design, not accident; with the sole exceptions of Weather Experience and the reprise of OmenĀ encountered midway through the set, which I presume were placed as such to give the crowd a much needed breather before the old faithfuls in Voodoo People and Smack My Bitch Up kicked on. I suppose you can say the same about Firestarter as well, yet another hit single from 1997’s The Fat of the Land. The only case for disappointment as far as the set goes would be the presence of only two tracks in their complete avatars – Run with the Wolves and Take Me to the Hospital, with the rest of ’em coming off as highly remixed or in the case of Thunder, considerably shortened from its studio version.


The issue with this release predictably lies in its cinematography. To say that it has left the overall package as a flawed specimen of what should have been a powerful rock concert, is putting it mildly. I get the idea of a camera shaking and lurching as a song progresses through a particularly strenuous portion, but there has to an overkill road-bump to this at some point. Unfortunately, the producer just hasn’t seem to have spotted it. What’s more, most of the cameras simply do not show any High Definition footage whatsoever – even an iPod touch held by a member of the audience could have done a better take on things. Certain shots end up as being too dark, while some others seem unable to handle the strobes on stage. Put it this way; a track like Weather Experience likely has crisper recordings on YouTube, from the same show, than this DVD. Now that’s saying some.


It’s the usual gripe then, and the usual remedial one-liner too; feel free to purchase this one if you’re going to be in a neighbouring room chopping vegetables or something. You probably won’t mind the live vocals, it’s the video that’s the problem. Of course, if you’re a hardcore fan of this band it really shouldn’t matter. What with the presence of numerous extras aside from the show, I’d expect you to pick this one up in a jiffy. For the rest of us however…






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