Apocalypso by The Presets


Yawn. It might just be pot luck, but all of these new Australian hit discs do not appeal at all. The Presets constitute an electronic music duo from the suburbs of Sydney, and while they have achieved moderate critical acclaim right through their careers spanning just under a decade, I suppose you need to permeate a certain niche to ‘get’ the entire dance-electro-house thing.


#1. Kicking and Screaming 5:45
#2. My People 4:30
#3. A New Sky 4:36
#4. This Boy’s in Love 4:11
#5. Yippiyo-Ay 4:34
#6. Talk Like That 3:44
#7. Eucalyptus 3:28
#8. If I Know You 4:28
#9. Together 5:52
#10. Aeons 3:28
#11. Anywhere 6:17


Julian Hamilton: Vocals, Keyboards
Kim Moyes: Drums, Keyboards


The Presets


12th April, 2008


My People
This Boy’s in Love
Talk Like That
If I Know You
Kicking and Screaming


And those are a range of genres I’m not particularly fond of, but hey, that could just be me. Apocalypso is full-length album #2 from their stables, and is yet their most recognizable effort till date.


The primary issue I have with this recording is that it lacks any sort of flavour whatsoever. Most tracks end up being too chunky and decimate into a mish-mash of elevator noises midway, and that’s an immediate turn-off I’m afraid. When coupled with vocals, they end up sounding like harsh sermons – a trait that opener Kicking and Screaming¬†especially couldn’t shy away from pretty early on.


The couple of songs where it all comes together are satisfactory at best – lead single My People and If I Know You further down are the honourable two, and they owe it bigstyle to their vocals for rescuing them from their brethren’s mediocrity. Aeons is an instrumental that can be given a mention, but that’s about it.


The sooner this genre’s populace realize it, the better – the vague, sci-fi theme doesn’t work. Sure, an experimental few in the tracklisting are always welcome, but we still got a while to go before we’ve all collectively morphed into robots yet. Together, I’m looking at you.





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