The Great Disillusion by The D/A Method


Rock music of the progressive strain may have peaked back in the seventies, but you do get the occasional EP that presents a throwback to the genre’s Kansas and Utopia heyday. Just like Pakistani outfit The D/A Method right here, with the first part of their debut effort, The Great Disillusion.


#1. Angels & Djinn 5:00
#2. Transcendence 1:47
#3. A Day in September 5:39
#4. The Illusionist 7:01


Umair Dar: Guitars
Talha Alvie: Guitars


26th December, 2012


Whilst it might not particularly exist in the progressive rulebook, this group have more or less bucked the trend and permitted the vocals to take a well-informed backseat on the entirety of this short tracklisting, which works out to almost shoegazing styles of success on A Day in September at #3, a song that coincidentally goes on to feature a neat medley between the guitar and the percussion towards its final quarter – worth a few listens.


The final track in The Illusionist would however be my overall pick as the EP’s highlight. Excellent reverberation between the guitars on that one, and that brings off as a pleasing aura throughout the seven-minuter. Transcendence a couple of spots above is largely an instrumental though, and while it does possess an added keyboard element in the background, it’s the only track among the four that comes off as a filler that might be lost in the release’s overall context, when certain other tracks are assembled to complete the same.





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  1. Umair Dar says:

    Thanks a lot for the review!

  2. Talha Alvie says:

    Thank you! Really appreciate the review!

  3. Cheers, not a problem. Give us a ping upon the completion of the record, and we can review the overall package for ya'.

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