8 Tips to Further your Jetpack Joyride Score



Much of my mobile gaming experience over the past year has been spent on nervously steering a certain Barry Steakfries away from certain death, whilst trying to accumulate coins, harm scientists and ride atop behemoth vehicles in the process.


While I’m not referring to yours truly as an expert and an overall know-it-all with this Half Brick offering, I reckon with over 35 hours of in-game experience and a net tally of 541,000+ coins, I’m yet subtle enough to hand out some tips on how you can get to improve your success rate – be it in better-ing the number of coins collected per ride, or exceeding your record distance covered – mine’s at a steep 5,926m. Let’s break open that wall, then!


1. Turn the Music Off


Let’s face it, this is a strenuous scroll as it is. The last thing you want to happen is for the dainty little tune throwing you off guard at inopportune moments. Yep, power it down. Keep the sound effects flicked on though, as they make it infinitely easier to detect impending lasers and missiles, or spot spin tokens floating around in the vicinity.


2. Buy. Yes buy, coins.


I’m aware that spending real world cash for in-game perks is a taboo concept for many, but it might just be worth it in this instance. After all, you can get a gala 100,000 coins for a paltry 2.99$, so jump on it. Of course, spend them wisely – by opting for core gadgets and vehicle magnets, and the like. Cosmetic changes like gold plating Mr. Cuddles and unveiling new jetpacks and costumes are secondary unnecessarities in comparison.


3. Always use Headstarts


Unless you’re fixated on completing an assigned mission – be it grazing past a select number of flashing lights or high-fiving scientists, it makes a ton of sense to zap past the first 750m using one of those basic headstarts available in the stash. Again, you can clock up on five of those for a reasonable 3,000 coins so go for it. As for the super headstart that transports you for the full monty of 1,500m ahead – I ain’t much of a fan.




4. Focus on small taps for Ground based Vehicles


I’m referring to the Bad as Hog and the Lil’ Stomper, which have a steep decline rate if and when you send them catapulting into the air, the former more so. It’s a weakness, so don’t play it. While on the hog for instance, just do the bare minimum to get past a rapidly approaching zapper, or a missile. Anything more, and you’re unnecessarily flirting with needless danger of losing the vehicle before its time.


5. Opt for the right Gadgets


Yeah sure, a lot of them appear flashy but do they really serve to strengthen your ride past their novelty? I’m talking about that sidekick dog or the boost rings, pretty useless if you ask me. I always pick a combo of the Gravity Belt and the Air Barrys, works for me. Some would scoff at not replacing either with the Coin Magnet instead, but hey – quality over quantity as they say.


6. Don’t waste your Final Blasts and Quick Revives


Unless absolutely required. The Final Blast for instance, sends you zooming through roughly 300m past your point of death, so do so only if you’re within touching distance of your prior record distance. Additional coins obtained through this measure are minimal in any case, and if you didn’t know it before, always use the Quick Revive after the blast, and not before.


7. Keep the Taps to the Upper Left Corner of the Screen


This one might take some getting used to, but over time it works best. It has dual benefits – of keeping your eye and mind off the score whilst negotiating figurative sharp corners especially as you approach a milestone like your personal best, and consigning your finger to a fairly out-of-the-way location lest you get blasted apart by an unforeseen missile thanks to you mistakenly covering its line of attack.


8. Focus on Missions


Why not? They’re not hard at all. In fact, you’ll probably go through a lot of them without even realizing so – “Have a Near Miss with a Missile”, “Zig-Zag through 7 Zappers”, and so on. Fact is, compiling coins conventionally takes a lot of time, while completing such informal rendezvous gifts you with up to 3,000 of them at a time. So getting through them should ideally be a priority.






Responses (12)

  1. Utkarsh Verma says:

    Nice tips. Thanks. 😀

  2. Pretty obvious stuff imo.. I really don't see the reason why you should by coins? What have they to do with your score?
    Sure it helps you in the beginning to get some gadgets early on but you can just get the coins through playing the game normally and practice on the mean time.
    Only one with any point is Counterfeit Machine and with it tally double coins of picked-up and Final Spin Bonus cash after game, though if you want to support devs then go for it.
    I have played to 200+ level with +10K score and have done pretty well with just that and now I have bought everything in the game.
    But still nice for you to post this kind of stuff, it's nice to see people enjoying this game as much as I am. /endrant :DD

  3. Olcun K?es Tokdemir says:

    arkada?lar bu oyun nas?l iniyo yard?m edin.

  4. Mahmoud Thecool says:

    guys the coin magniet is the best.

  5. Rosebud Anwuri says:

    Well, I have some different tips on this, I have total of 9 days in game experience with a high score of 9875. The trick I tell you is to always try to keep barry in the middle not rubbing his head on the roof or walkign on the ground(except for completing missions) this way you avoide getting zapped a lot and it's a more surer way of getting the vehichles. I do not believe in buying coins though, coins are something that gets easier to make with time. then for lil stomper, some times taking short jumps isn't alway advisable when you see a missile because from experience there's a zapper right in front when a missle appears. if you like my comment. Feel free to ask for more (:

  6. Yep, keeping him in the middle is key.

  7. Rena Zurita says:

    When I first read the thing about "Buying coins" and "using headstarts" I thought this was all a joke. but then you continued with serious tips. I don't see how buying coins affects you in any way. Part of the game's fun is to collect items (Starting from the useful ones then moving to cosmetics). Buying coins just takes the fun off. (And takes money off from you) Also, buying the most useful things, (some gadgets and the magnet vehicles) Isn't very difficult, you can get them all in 2 or 3 days of gameplay.
    I don't actually care about headstarts, but they are not that necessary. the game starts having a reasonable difficulty at 2000+ meters, the first 750 are easy to reach. Unless you are really desesperate and can't stand losing some time. Anyways I agree with the rest of your tips.

  8. Pila Andrei says:

    "boost rings" "useless" well then how come I reached 5700 meters with them, only 200m off your record? Nice "tips" you got there mr pro. And buying coins seriously? Either you're doing some sneaky advertising fro HB or you're really dumb.

  9. Paul Kecavon says:

    Thanks. Turning ofc the music got me way further

  10. çok yak???kl?s?n ama makkaj yapsam daha iyi olur

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