Arc by Everything Everything


After a great hit with their debut album Man Alive, the British Indie band Everything Everything is back with a sophomore, Arc. Indie pop is a new addition to their previously played genres of art rock and indie rock. Swaying slightly from their roots, they’ve experimented and surprised their listeners with unforeseeable tracks. Though unconventional, Everything Everything’s sound is refreshing, quirky, and original.


#1. Cough Cough 3:42
#2. Kemosabe 3:45
#3. Torso of the Weak 4:33
#4. Duet 3:41
#5. Choice Mountain 3:24
#6. Feet for Hands 3:56
#7. Undrowned 3:03
#8. _Arc_ 1:28
#9. Armourland 3:41
#10. The House is Dust 3:28
#11. Radiant 3:52
#12.The Peaks 5:26
#13. Don’t Try 4:09


Johnathan Higgs: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard.
Jeremy Pritchard: Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals.
Alex Robertshaw: Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals.
Micheal Spearman: Drums, Backing Vocals.


David Kosten.


14th January, 2013.


Cough Cough


The unusual yet eclectic compositions of Arc will have you hooked right from the first listen. Though idiosyncratic initially, a darker feel is established as the album proceeds.  Rhythms vary from upbeat to melancholic, the former seen in the opening track, Cough Cough and the latter in The Peaks. The presence of the keyboard is consistent throughout, and is transformed into a harmonious melody in Choice Mountain.


Keeping with the current trends among the audience, Everything Everything have gone a touch mainstream and have drifted toward alternative rock territory. The bold riffs and often high-pitched vocals frequently overpower the lyrics, and you may have to listen to some tracks more than once to comprehend them. The band’s buoyant side is seen in the first half of the album, after which they transgress toward a pensive and contrite state.


Musical intricacy is persistent and is highlighted in Feet for Hands, The House is Dust and especially in Arc. One of the most superficial tracks, Torso of the Week, is however an unnecessary deviation from their roots. Duet and Undrowned make up for what was lacking previously; these tracks comprise a certain agility, and more than cover up the few imperfections.


Without a doubt, Arc is an unforgettable album. Their vision to entice the listener is highly commendable, and they’ve gotten off to a reputable start. Charmingly quaint, Everything Everything are adventurous, and haven’t failed to amaze their listeners. Yet.





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