An Awesome Wave by Alt-J


It would be a tough fit to categorize 2012’s An Awesome Wave into a genre or two, but does it even need one? For rarely do you get to hear something so groovy and experimental, while not being too dominant to ward off the normal crowd either. Let me give it a shot though – after the customary first few listens, I’d have hazarded a guess that it sounds like a jam band delving into elements of art rock whilst fusing delicious levels of synth and bass, to satisfactory results.


#1. Intro 2:37
#2. (Ripe & Ruin) 1:12
#3. Tessellate 3:02
#4. Breezeblocks 3:47
#5. (Guitar) 1:17
#6. Something Good 3:38
#7. Dissolve Me 3:59
#8. Matilda 3:48
#9. Ms 3:59
#10. Fitzpleasure 3:39
#11. (Piano) 0:53
#12. Bloodflood 4:09
#13. Taro 5:05
Bonus Track:
#14. Hand-Made 2:37


Gwil Sainsbury: Guitar, Bass
Joe Newman: Guitar, Vocals
Gus Unger-Hamilton: Guitar, Vocals
Thom Green: Drums, Percussion


Charlie Andrew
Mark Bishop


25th May, 2012


Something Good


Most importantly, it has all the characteristics of an indie effort with good potential; the songs transition from one to the next with minimal fuss, and the album concludes before you know it. Garnished with several highlights in its tracklisting of twelve, it’s a good recipe overall. Possibly with the same levels of abstractness that launched TV on the Radio from across the pond into the mainstream.


Elements such as the clever guitar-piano medley in Something Good and the U2-like vocals in Dissolve Me are likely to shine from an initial listen, while certain others like Tessellate are a trifle more complex and demand some more listening maturity to discover their complete arrays of good musical composition.


I also dig Fitzpleasure toward the close, a rumbling bass in the background may or may not have helped. And the underrated facet of the record will forever be its short, sharp interludes that are so crucial to maintaining the overall flow of it all.


It is a task to describe these guys. They do have a strong indie feel about them, yet they stand out from other bands through a sound that comes off as unique and fresh. Fans at this point would be hoping that they don’t trip into a sophomore pit, for that’d be such a shame.





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