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So let me just start off, the diversity on this album will make you go two ways, you will either want to throw your headphones away in frustration or you will start jumping about in sheer joy. It’s that kind of a moot. Some songs pop out with a minty fresh sound and an impulsive element hidden in some corner, while some manage to barely fall short of mediocrity.


The opener Fast in My Car for example, is nothing short of a travesty, and its presence on the tracklisting feels facetious. It’s definitely not what Paramore is about or has ever been. Of course, we expected a change in their musical vision and direction post the departure of the Farro brothers, and this was going to be the first album without them. But this release is too much of a shift away from their expected pathway, and is too out of the blue to go unnoticed.


#1. Fast in My Car 3:42
#2. Now 4:06
#3. Grow Up 3:51
#4. Daydreaming  4:31
#5. Interlude: Moving on 1:30
#6. Ain’t it Fun 4:57
#7. Part II 4:41
#8. Lost Hope 5.10
#9. Still into You 3:36
#10. Anklebiters 2:18
#11. Interlude: Holiday 1:10
#12. Proof 3:15
#13. Hate to See your Heart break 5:09
#14. (One of those) Crazy Girls 3:33
#15. Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore 0:53
#16. Be Alone 3:40
#17. Future 7:52
Japanese Bonus Tracks:
#18. Native Tongue
#19. Escape Route


Hayley Williams: Vocals, Piano
Jeremy Davis: Bass Guitar
Taylor York: Guitar, Drums
Ilan Rubin: Drums, Percussion


Justin Meldal-Johensen


4th April, 2013


Still Into You


Hayley Williams is lovely, her voice is a powerhouse and we have already known the heterogeneity it can handle. York too proves he is not to be ignored here, and Davis supports them in the most under-rated way, underlining every moment of the album with his presence. But maybe they over-estimated their capabilities as a band?


One of the proponents of that opinion is the single Now – which is befuddling. The vocals come off well but the composition is chaotic and that just ends up becoming a complete put off. In fact, the disappointment, the biggest disappointment of this album are its lyrics. Most songs are so devoid of any kind of depth in this regard, they could have as well been stolen from a teenager’s diary. Truly, their existence could have been forgiven had they featured on a high school band’s debut.


And they actually have a song titled (One of those) Crazy Girls. You will not listen to that one again, I guarantee it. Right here is the problem of the album, their experiment to be ‘different’ blew up on their faces and the mess it created wasn’t cleaned up before its release. Paramore seem lost.


The closer in Future acts as the saving grace and from there you witness a little light coming up towards you that revives your dying faith and makes you think maybe all is not lost, yet. This song builds up a wonderful pace and slowly leads you into a beautiful and majestic interplay of instruments. They use Ilan Rubin to the best here, the fuss is about him and he justifies every bit of it. It is minus Hayley and amazingly you still enjoy it. While Hate to see your Heart Break a few tracks above is quintessential Paramore, by which point you really start hoping and wondering that maybe the band hasn’t lost their way completely. They simply had a few hiccups along the way, which.. let’s just ignore them.


We have some shocking genres here, not something you expect to encounter on this album. They feature gospel music and some interludes with what seem like very breezy rock elements which actually turn out to be a relief in comparison. Their graph was kind of a negative slope otherwise.


Clearly, Paramore have a lot of catching up to do, they’ve managed to crop themselves out of their self created ‘alternative’ image. Trying too much of everything in an attempt to get over their break up with the Farro brothers fails miserably at a lot of junctions. But what still makes you believe in this even if you regard the release as merely a seemingly illusionary concept of Paramore is a few songs that jump out in between and just wow you.


So listen to this album with an open mind and decide for yourself – which incarnation of the band do you prefer? The old Paramore? Or the rejuvenated slightly too-whimsical Paramore of 2013?





Responses (46)

  1. Regardless, I love Hayley Williams. 😛

    Here's that controversial blog post by the Farro brothers btw:

  2. This album put me off at first but grew on me after a few listens. I miss the raw energy and the depth of Brand New Eyes here though. It seemed like the right direction for the band.

    It seems like they forced this change after the brothers left. More often than not, this album sounded like Hayley's solo record.

    I like it though. It shines in parts.

  3. And gosh, the artwork is atrocious. Hayley's hairdo looks like a wig.

  4. Ailuropoda Melanoleuca says:

    It's all a matter of taste. For me Paramore just got even better. Though I love their previous albums I still think the change is good. No one can stay the same forever.

    Stop focusing on the Farro Brothers man!

  5. Bjoe Sosmeña says:

    Hayley Williams is still the best.

  6. Katie Baas says:

    I honestly thought they needed to take that step, and if people don't like it; that's that. I enjoy this album very much and will proceed to buy it.

  7. John Payne says:

    The more you get to listen the more you know, there are a lot of songs here and that raises expectations along with the opportunity to scrutinize. Some of the songs have no tonality in harmonic texture except for the vocals and that is new territory. At least they were honest and chucked it all for something that is them now and stretches their genre. People forget that Riot was co-written with Dave B who is one of the best in the world and this is almost all them, not bad for some young people in the big city. Plus, I have been listening to it since you could legally and I am still catching stuff I didn’t hear before so to say you understand this collection of songs already by Friday in my mind is impossible. So why don’t you try and fly the space shuttle while you are at it, I have the manual and will give you a week to read it!

  8. Joemari Luis Cañete Solano says:

    The old/original is still better.

  9. Elaine Esmeralda says:

    At first I admit. I felt the CHANGE when I listened to it. But hey? It sounds good eh? But it is PARAMORE sound. Taylor's bass. Jeremy's guitar. Hayley's voice. But listening to it many times. I'm hearing their melody. Of course I miss the old paramore. But they gotta keep going. They need to move forward. They cant be stuck to the past. Paramore is paramore. They wont stop making music just because of some negativity.They've changed for the better. Believe me. I'm a proud parawhore! LONG LIVE PARAMORE!

  10. Lacey Roszak says:

    I love the new album. I think they may lose a lot of their old fans with this album, as it strays away from the Pop Emo Scene Kid thing they have been known for in the past, however they will gain a lot of new fans. Point in case, I was never a fan of them before, but the new album has me listening on repeat all day. They sound like they've grown up. No longer are they seeking approval of scene kids but they are forging a real musical path for themselves. Now no one can say what anyone should expect from them.

  11. This album definitely sounds a lot better since the first listen. I'd say that it's as good as Brand New Eyes/Riot, if not better. I mean, I've listened to artists who've released something that sounds wrong to me, especially after releasing an album that meant the world to me. Taking Butch Walker's Letters, for instance – I loved so much that when Walker followed it up with an album which had a more "mainstream" appeal, I hated it. A few years down, I understand those songs better than I did before and I admit that I didn't judge that album correctly.

    Same goes for Paramore. I don't know, I think it would suck to be the Farro brothers right now.

  12. Ivan Alanis says:

    New album was horrible.

  13. The album sucks, I agree with you.
    The only song I like is Proof, and it's not that good.
    I miss the old Paramore.

  14. Qie Khi says:

    everybody has a change everytime so do they, but for me Paramore is the best band ever, no matter for it, change is normally…no reason to do not love them, good job! succses for u..muaaaacchhhh love u Paramore , rock on!

  15. Anna Ní Dhuagáin says:

    I've been a paramore fan since their debut album, as mere adolecents they have been through a lot, you can hear the heartbreak in some songs they have written leading you to believe the departure and sheer betrayal of the Farro brothers really took it's toll on the band. Why would they want to sound the same when they're not the same anymore. We were told the new album would be different, they were being brave, adventurous, something the Farro brothers didn't want the band to do. Hayley, we've never known the true capacity of her voice until now. I have never heard Jeremy's talent to this extent, in nearly every song the bass is crisp. Yes a few songs fall short of what you'd expect, but if those songs were cut from the album it would be the same length if not a few songs longer than their previous albums. I was afraid I wouldn't like it, I recieved my copy of the album 3 days before the release date, I had listened to it about 10 times before last Monday, I absolutely loved it and I can admit there are some songs that I will skip, such as '(One of Those) Crazy Girls' and when 'Now' came out I didn't instantly love it, but when you take the time to listen to the lyrics "if there's a future, we want it now," that's just like, yes, yes, if there is infact a future for our generation, 20 somethings fresh out of school and university, if there is a hope for us to get a decent job, to not have the mess previous generations have left us, the world is corrupt and they are playing to us all. They're No.1 in the album chart, their fans are going crazy on Twitter and Facebook, when their tour dates are announced I guarantee they'll be sold out! They've worked hard, they're changing because they've grown up and I couldn't be more proud.

  16. Anna Ní Dhuagáin says:

    And for people commenting on this saying that Hayley is becoming plastic etc, I wonder would you ever feck off, she's 24, beautiful and you just grow out of that emo/punk shit, the music is still amazing. I take my hat off to her for mainting her orange hair!

  17. Conner Hood says:

    I have been a huge fan of this band since their first album came out. I consider them one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time. Or at least I did before this album. Anklebiters was the only forgivable song in my opinion, and even that doesn't stand out too much. I was so disappointed and now I actually am mad at the band for doing this to their devoted fans. It's like they are trying to be Avril Lavigne. If you want to compare the band's albums with Star Wars films, this is their "Phantom Menace" and should be quickly forgotten.

  18. Rebekka Haahr Sabram says:

    I haven't heard the full album yet, but I'm happy for they're new sound. It's fresh, it works, and even if it's more pop now, it's STILL Paramore.

  19. Oli Williams says:

    People grow up, so bands do it too. I prefer the Riot sound, more rocker, more "riot"; but…wait, what? No my friend, this is their best album by far. A bunch of new songs, new lyrics, new sounds… They've improve their skills like a "band", and hands down, this is going to be one of the best albums of 2013. So I recommend you to sit down, put your headphones on and play the entire new album again + trying to understand why she + Taylor wrote those lyrics.

  20. Shairah Joy Omay says:

    Though the Farro brothers are gone, they still stood up as a band. Yes it's hard, yet they did it. Their self-titled fourth album was great! Just like their song on this album, "Grow up" we Paramore listeners/fans have to grow up sometimes. The old paramore has gone, and the new has come! It is just a matter of appreciation. They did their best. Paramore is a band, and still a band, and will always be a band. 🙂

  21. paramore is a growing band. too bad for those people who call themselves "fans", failed to grow up together with their music. the change is inevitable. nonetheless, the change will always be good as long as you stay truly honest to who you are and refuse to be defined by some close-minded people who keep on hindering your growth/improvement and healthy self-expression and keeping you locked up inside their box. you cannot conceal yourself inside the box for too long cuz you will rot for sure. paramore today is refreshing, positive, and hopeful. 🙂

  22. Chindi Arisa says:

    JUST, fudge all of you who says that Paramore's becoming shittier. Things change. People change. You mean you've never changed before? Are you a vase that needs to be broken, or a glass that needs to be thrown off from the window? I'm a fan of Paramore, and I will still be. No matter what. Songs are meant for us to listen and appreciate, not to be judged upon. Maybe you should just make a bubble out of steel for yourself to live in, alone. PEACE.

  23. Christian Nhel Isuga says:

    what the hell? this is the best album yet. Paramore just got better. with the Farro brothers gone, their new album reached number one! and as I recall Hayley said this is their first #1 album. Those who hate the new Paramore are a bunch of emo, whining people who want to hate the world. The album rocks, and I believe they worked hard on it. and If you really are a real fan, you should accept the change and change together with the band.

  24. Christian Nhel Isuga says:

    too bad for the Farro brothers. they left, now the band just got more famous! epic fail. and too bad for the ones who call themselves "fans" but can't even change with the band.

  25. Forrest Woog says:

    I am in love with the new album! It's definitly the best one yet! Crazy Girls might be my favorite song on it! All soo good though!

  26. Aaliyah White says:

    I love the new album.

  27. I don't think it's bad at all! If you've read any of their interviews or even seen their ustream, it's not like they bullshitted the lyrics. They all have meaning to them, and they all worked hard together on writing them. Also, I don't think Paramore was striving to be different, I believe they were trying to be themselves, and be true to themselves and work out dynamics now that the Farros aren't part of the bands. I think Hayley sounds incredible, and Jeremy & Taylor are definitely amazing as well in their work. They have DEFINITELY changed, but change is always inevitable in a band, it's just a matter of whether the fans respond well or not. In this case, I'm a long running fan of Paramore and although I was a bit taken off guard with the release of "Now" (I'll admit, I didn't love it at first), I got into grips with the fact that, yeah they're totaaally different but they're working it. I love the new album, and how it can go from sincere, to insane & erratic, to soulful to playful. I am SO proud of Paramore 🙂

  28. this is YOUR opinion… and this is BULLSHIT! if you have this kind of shit to say, you'd better shut up… besides, who are you? are you telling me that you understand enough about the subject to write a "text" about them? HAHAHAH, I just can't believe it. "one of those crazy girls" is one of the coolest songs in this album! once again, please shut you mouth up.

  29. The new album was and still is a massive hit, being number one in the rock chart for radio one. Just saying.

  30. I was disappointed in the album as well. Barely anything stuck out to me as catchy or clever. Everything sounded like Paramore was trying to fit into the whole breezy hipster scene and it just didn't work out. The whole album didn't feel whimsical even, it just felt forced. The two songs that I did like, however, were "Anklebiters" and "Interlude: Moving On".

  31. Andrew Owen says:

    farro brothers betrayal? fuck off, poor guys felt unnoticed in Paramore

  32. Mayara Souza says:

    "In fact, the disappointment, the biggest disappointment of this album are its lyrics. Most songs are so devoid of any kind of depth in this regard, they could have as well been stolen from a teenager’s diary. " I beg to differ, miss. Are you saying that "If there's a future, we want it now" "it's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going", "It's not that I don't feel the pain it's just I'm not afraid of hurting anymore" and so many others lyrics in this album are not strong? Paramore has been through a tough time these past years, and I'm sure these songs express all the strenght and courage they had to get to face all that situation. Yes, I know there are some light hearted, and even love songs in this album (One of Those Crazy Girls, Proof and Still Into You are examples), but the ones that have the most deep and meaningful lyrics here are for sure the ones that can express everything the band and its fans have faced during all this time.
    About the "Trying too much of everything in an attempt to get over their break up with the Farro brothers fails miserably at a lot of junctions": They haven't *tried to much*; they had the chance to try new ways of making music, ways that they couldn't even think of when the Farros were part of the band. Have you ever thought about the fact that All We Know Is Falling, RIOT and Brand New Eyes (their previous albums, in case you don't know) got almost the SAME heavy energy, the same sad and disappointed lyrics and, the most important, the same vibe of "we are not completely happy"? This is what the album Paramore is about: Breaking the pattern the band themselves had established years ago.
    So, before you write about "how Paramore have lost the rhythm" and all that stuff, just give it a try and listen to the album again. Maybe you won't change your ming about it, but I'm almost sure you're going to regret writing some things you've written in this review.

  33. Mayara Souza says:

    Paramore is still the best.

  34. you should not review or critic an album or a band u don't like man ( I hate 30stm, so I wont waste my time on listening and giving a negative review about it), you can have your opinion of course, but is a waste of time for yourself!

  35. Maria Muser Josefine says:

    I totally agree, hate to say it but the album is shit and the lyrics looks like they are written for High School Musical or something -.- The only good song is Now, it's amazing and the lyrics are good too. I hope their next album will at least have good lyrics.-.

  36. Owen Emmett says:

    its a shame they have millions of fans and you dont then isnt it ….

  37. At first I thought this album was a little odd. I really loved some songs and some weren't good. Then I listened to it more and saw the bigger picture here, musically it is one of their best work ever! I mean it is so diverse from indie sound to gospel to punk rock. I have never heard such outstanding bass and drum work on any Paramore album. Songs like "aint it fun" and "Now" have killer drum grooves and the bass just plain awesome. No it is not a typical Paramore plain rock album, it is better. They shine not only as talented songwriters, but as outstanding musicians. And the song lyrics have more meaning to life than past albums.

  38. It's amusing how you've come to all of these conclusions. These tracks were created to be experimental and to see what they could do. Certain lyrics do sound like a high school band, not every single lyric in a song has to be deep and life changing, but you also have to consider that they started off as a high school band. There isn't an old Paramore, they've just branched out.

  39. Dustin Deadpool Doolittle says:

    The reason their album hit #1 is because of the pop sound to it, a lot more people listen to pop than punk/rock , but I'm not hating, I have three of their albums (Riot!, Brand New Eyes, and the self titled album) ,although the self titled album is not my favorite, it is good nevertheless.

  40. Karen Keys says:

    i love this album and paramore because they don't keep doing the same old stuff they keep changing thats what i love about paramore

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