The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here by Alice in Chains


Hey kids, let’s take a bow to this band of the 90s that still manages to stay as congruous as they were then and still produce some enjoyable music. Alice in Chains’ highly anticipated fifth studio album (in more than twenty years!) The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is out. If the fascinating artwork and the quirky title were not enough to get you excited well then, play the songs and prepare to get hooked.


You could be one of those who still misses Layne Stayle, and wonder whether they could ever re-create the eerie spell of I Stay Away again? No they do not, but maybe you ought to keep an open mind. Their previous album was nothing short of a five-star effort and this one appears to be treading the same path. It’s not the old and familiar Alice In Chains, they have emerged from their ashes this second time – a little morphed but somehow still sounding as good. Now that’s a feat.


#1. Hollow 5:43
#2. Pretty Done 4:35
#3. Stone 4:23
#4. Voices 5:42
#5. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here 6:38
#6. Lab Monkey 5:59
#7. Low Ceiling 5:15
#8. Breath on a Window 5:18
#9. Scalpel 5:21
#10. Phantom Limb 7:07
#11. Hung on a Hook 5:34
#12. Choke 5:44


Jerry Cantrell: Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead and Rhythm guitar
William DuVall: Lead and Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar on Phantom Limb
Sean Kinney: Drums, Percussion
Mike Inez: Bass, Additional Backing Vocals


Nick Raskulinecz
Alice in Chains


28th May, 2013




The first single, Hollow gave such a teasing preview of the album. The song is powered by horrifyingly desolate lyrics and backed with William’s empathetic voice. And in Breath on a Window later in the tracklisting, Jerry Cantrell just swoops you right away. He makes this song manifest with its unusual appeal, making you give respect to his craft of the fingers. Reminds you of their old golden times, not yet forgotten.


But what deserves a special mention is, Duvell’s voice. He, simply put, creates magic. He was the perfect replacement and gets a vote of appreciation, this second time. Low Ceiling is the best song on the album with some alternative rock elements incorporated into it, it’ll make you want to head bang, but slowly. The backing vocals merged in with the lead vocals brings its own definitive character on the track.


By the time we reach the end, it’s become more of a by-product of the different parts of the rest of the album. The album’s tone runs concurrent with their previous album’s, pushing-you-into-darkness with the conventional weighty lyrics, great vocals and fine guitar skills quintessential for a metal band. A little less drab and Alice could have surprised us. They inserted the lyrics “The devil put dinosaurs here/Jesus don’t like a queer” . With words to those effect, perhaps they were trying to shake things up a bit for themselves. Anyhow it works, makes you raise your eyebrows and wonder.


The rumination and darkness make their somber intangible presence felt throughout the album.And gives you a hint on how to enjoy the album. So, get ready to give your broody self a little treat while listening to The Devil Put Dinosaurs here. Because we sure did.





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  1. Sums it up nicely. I don't understand though, why most people hate this album. Stayley is dead, and he's not coming back. The sooner people drill it into their heads the better.

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