Goo Goo Dolls: A Ten Greatest Songs Compilation


A stable three-piece, Rzeznik and his charges have been chiming out tune after tune right since their 1986 debut


There is always that one song or that one artist you keep coming back to; and Goo Goo Dolls fit that bill. With their effervescent music that will never vanish away with time, this twenty five year old band has never failed to match up to its fans’ expectations. So with the release of their latest album Magnetic, we at spydistrict thought it’d be a good idea to come out with a list of their ten Greatest songs. Sort of a refresher for the old fans and the new and to prove that it’s hard to not keep re-visiting their music. So here goes:


1. Big Machine (Gutterflower, 2002)


One of the only three hit singles relaesed from Gutterflower, it begins with an attention grabbing crackle played on a broken guitar, yes, the song written on a broken piece of instrument has to have a magnetic appeal. Contemporary not just in it’s sound but also the lyrics, the song talks about surviving in the ‘Big Machine’ of LA. Driven from Rzeznik’s personal experiences, this song is all about coming to terms with reality.It is as Rzeznik states their “Disco” song. It features at number one on the list for it’s distinctive sound and the edgy lyrics that never let it be insipid.


2. Iris (Dizzy Up The Girl, 1998)


Of course this song had to be here! No Goo Goo Dolls list could ever be complete without their most over played song ever.It’s hard to come across a person who hasn’t heard of this song, such is it’s popularity.This song was written for the movie the City of Angels and the amusing thing is that Rzeznik was going through bit a writer’s block at that time.And then to come out with a song with lyrics that characterize love in the most heartbreaking-ly personal way possible for every listener, has to be a feat. It stayed for a record 18 weeks on the Hot 100 Airplay Chart and has re-emerged on the music scene just to claim it’s rightful spot on the music charts time and again, having been named among one of the Greatest 100 pop songs by The Rolling Stone. Goo Goo Dolls were never able to re-create the magic of the song that has become synonymous to their name, but that’s alright we’ll just replay it and enjoy it a bit more!




3. Slide (Dizzy Up the Girl, 1998)


Another song from the album that did astoundingly well, Slide is about a teenage girl who gets pregnant and how she and her boyfriend debate on what to do. The song has to be the perfect relationship song (pregnant or not) with lyrics such as, “What you feel is what you are.. and what you are is beautiful”. Malinin on the drums and Rzeznik on the guitar bring out a wonderful synthesis of sound and add an element of peppiness on this number.


4. Here Is Gone (Gutterflower, 2002)


Interesting lyrics and an interesting video mean a hit.It is the song that marked the band’s exit from the world of Rock music, officially.It reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  It’s popularity arose from the fact that the song runs from a sober beginning towards a brilliant peak moment, an effect that lasts through the entirety of the song.


5. Let Love In (Let Love In, 2006)


Doing what they do best, this song goes a step beyond being just another romantic ballad.It’s so much more minus the mush of the usual songs on love. One of the best songs lyrically, the chorus just amazes the listener with the passion filled in its every note. With it,the band just strengthened its claim on the fact it was getting better with every new album, despite the cynics’ assumptions.



Lead vocalist and frontman has claimed that The Rolling Stones and The Kinks have been strong influences in the formulation of the Goo Goo sound over the years.


6. Broadway (Dizzy Up The girl, 2000)


This song is placed so far away from the usual Goo Goo Dolls theme. With a touch of philosophical reflection on time and moving away. It’s hard to not be able to establish a personal connection with the song.


7. Name (A Boy named Goo, 1995)


The song that brought them on the scene.Even before Iris was released, The Goo Goo Dolls had their first hit with Name. Sombre in its appeal, with riveting lyrics plus a gentle play of the chords,it  has to be one of the best songs Goo Goo Dolls came out with. True to everything that this band is about.


8. Black Balloon (Dizzy Up the Girl, 1998)


Another hit from the album that made them big, comes Black Balloon. Unknowingly, with these hits Goo Goo Dolls were on the way towards setting an over-stated generalization of themselves for their time to follow. But the predictability does not make the song any less enjoyable. Rzeznik’s vocals standout in this one.


9. Sympathy (Gutterflower, 2002)


The song with a beautiful acoustic sound and deep meaning lyrics has to be one of the best from the album.



10. We’ll be here (When you’re gone) (Let Love In, 2006)


The chorus fills every gap and the building tension of the guitar just spreads all over the song. Though this album was  not as big a hit as the previous two, it sure did have a few great numbers.



The band are currently on tour in support of their latest release, Magnetic of which Rebel Beat is its lead single.


We may say that Goo Goo Dolls are stereotypical in their sound,the theme never really changes..and blah blah, but the band has never, despite their associated iteration with romance, never come out with stale or i-think-i-have-heard-this-before sort of music. Somehow they have managed to  recreate their rightful genre of love ballads with every new release, making sure that they remain the band that everybody comes back to. Hence, proved!





Responses (9)

  1. Kate Weaver says:

    LOVE them all… not sure it would be MY top 10 but I'm not sure I could pick just 10 I might do better with my 10 least favorite but that might be hard too!

  2. We'll Be Here (When You're Gone) is really an amazing song, especially the long version on Volume 2. It sticks to you.

  3. Deep personality…a great artist!

  4. Connie Gore says:

    I love the goo goo dolls.

  5. Yudi Lingga says:

    please come to jakarta…i love you songs.

  6. Heather Woodard Roberts says:

    Thanks for this! I am so tired of hearing GGD comparisons to Matchbox 20. Matchbox 20 wishes they had lyrics like these! Rzeznik's songs are the soundtrack to my life.

  7. Jhon Gower says:

    la mejor banda ke existe en la actualidad… goo goo dolls, el album magnetic es un trabajo bien realizado, gracias por las canciones goo goo dolls.

  8. Brenda Warner Gawronski says:

    I love the Goos

  9. Brenda Warner Gawronski says:

    I love the Goos

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