How to Handle a Superman v Batman Story


Director Zack Snyder and Screenwriter David S. Goyer have indicated that they will both be returning for a potential sequel which is being fast tracked by Warner Bros for a 2015 release.


Comic book aficionados are certainly the most argumentative group of people you will ever meet. From origins to implications, they have an opinion on everything. Superhero face-offs are probably the biggest bone of contention, since there are virtually no decisive means to determine who the best is. Take Superman and Batman for instance. Superman is, put simply, the strongest dude to exist whereas Batman’s attention to detail is famed for the way in which he has a concrete plan for every probable enemy.


So when Zack Snyder announced that both of them would be going up against each other in Man Of Steel 2, boy were the fans delighted. It was after some time that the apprehension set in. Mostly because of how Man Of Steel let us down. Barring some unforeseen intervention, the movie will be made though, with Warner Bros and DC having backed Snyder up on his claim. And so let us look at how this one may pan out. The most important thing to consider is whether there will be a full blown conflict between them or just a meeting of the ways to take on a big baddie. Rather, is it Batman versus Superman or Batman with Superman? The initial signs are that it will be the former if you wish to go by Zack Snyder’s quotes at Comic Con.



Man of Steel has garnered a dominant reception at the box office so far, clocking over a worldwide total of $643,857,505 so far, making it the highest grossing Superman film ever.


The major problem however, lies in who will play Batman. While Henry Cavill is on-board without a doubt, Christian Bale doesn’t seem to be in the frame. After making those larger than life classics with Nolan, his reluctance to work with Snyder – whose style is more va-va-voom than Nolan’s brand of intellectual noir is certainly understandable. Reports of actors undergoing screen tests at Warner Bros have been floating around on the Internet ever since the news broke.


I’m gonna play your shrink now and ask you to visualise something. Think of Batman. Christian Bale pop into your head? Any other actor as the Caped Crusader? Now I’m afraid. So, arguably the casting is certainly the most pivotal part of this epic faceoff. If the premise continues from The Dark Knight Rises, then Joseph Gordon Levitt might be the logical successor. The other way would be to introduce a new actor and a believable back story or basically a complete reinvention of Batman.


There are questions galore. Where will be the action be at? Gotham? Metropolis? Gotham seems the darker of the choices and so has my vote but Superman seems so out of place in such a world of ‘filth’. In addition, there have been scattered reports of a whole new DC personification which might eventually build up to the Justice League later. DC have been rather stung by Joss Whedon and Marvel’s The Avengers and with talks of an Avengers 2 in the works, this is one pie they cannot afford to miss out on.


Coming to the big showdown between them, the only reason I can think of for such a situation arising is by manipulation of an unseen, shadowy super villain because I simply can’t see any of them going rogue of their own volition. So, expect an epic face-off midway through the film where they discover the shady mastermind behind it all. And then team up to take him down. Sounds very Snyder-ish but his approach to character development is notorious for it’s undercooked nature.


Our super villain thus must be very clever and have an intimate knowledge of how superheroes work. So who will it be? Tough one, that. You need someone with the brains to get them to fight each other and then put up a good one himself when he meets them both. Lex Luthor and Brainiac are just some of the names filtering through on the Internet. I’d however argue that there could be two classic villains who join hand to deal with their most fearsome foes. Such a twosome would possess intimate knowledge of how each superhero thinks and can use it to manipulate them. Think of how this’ll end. Superman and Batman beating the hell out of just one guy and his henchmen? That’s just plain unfair.



According to Snyder, the film will take inspiration from the comic The Dark Knight Returns, which was put out between February and June of 1986.


Despite the possibility of seeing a childhood dream come to fruition, there are a few causes for apprehension in the mix too. Paramount among them is the team of director Zack Snyder and his writer David Goyer who were responsible for a frankly underwhelming Man Of Steel. Look at The Avengers on the other hand. Joss Whedon pulled of a fantastic amalgamated superhero universe with consummate ease. While Snyder hasn’t been a darling of the critics ever, the general public reaction was rather good. Post MoS though, the public is finally beginning to see the viewpoint of us critics. And when you take into account that Nolan has no part to play in this, a modicum of fear is but, expected.


Most importantly though, there should be a massive fight between the two greatest superheroes in history. Who will win? Superman because of his strength or Batman thanks to his meticulous approach to deal with his foes? This one would probably involve him procuring some Kryptonite or Superman beating him to submission or as I’ve stated above, a painful meeting of the ways.


The word epic is like the word awesome these days. Blatantly overused. But this will be an epic. Expect a film at least as long as Watchmen‘s 3 hours and lots of blood and gore flying across the dark skylines. And some master villain pulling the strings. The dark crusader of the night versus the finest upstanding symbol of everything good and positive. Think of a Ninja vs a Samurai warrior. Wow. Gives me the chills just to think of it.


2015. Boy, are we waiting. Don’t let us down, Snyder.




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  1. This movie COULD take a dump on Avengers 2… I just hope they get it right… they can't afford not to.

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