Ride by Cable Car


The smooth, jazzy style of Maroon 5 and Hoobastank from the decade gone by have spawned yet another rendition. Cable Car from Los Angeles is who they are, and Ride is the first element of their discography.


#1. Two.Time.Love 3:20
#2. Songs That Groove 3:50
#3. You’re Killing Me 3:00
#4. It’s You 3:58
#5. Wait For Me 4:08


Nathan Mott: Vocals
Jack Turner: Guitar
Ryan Murphy: Drums


Mike Pappas


You’re Killing Me


A five tracker, Ride doesn’t shy away from an ambivalent radio-friendly mantra from the outset, with opener Two.Time.Love displaying all of the classic symptoms, though the sporadic squeals could have done with some variety, or ideally done away with altogether. Lead single You’re Killing Me is however a braver attempt in comparison and strikes a chord right away.


Likewise, It’s You – essentially an acoustic jig of some sort could have trodden off the beaten track by a bit, a race in which closer Wait For Me wins by a country mile, with its folk elements interspersed with Mott’s lush, atmospheric vocals. Might as well give them a thumbs up for an upcoming LP, then.





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