Up All Night by Nile Rodgers Presents: The Chic Organization

Up All Night by Nile Rodgers Presents: The Chic Organization


Nile Rodgers is one of the few men who can claim that he’s produced so many chart-toppers that any given person should be familiar with at least one of his concoctions. With the former Chic guitarist enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the collaboration with Daft Punk, now is the opportune time to release a cumulative anthology of his late 70s and early 80s hits that he performed with Chic, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge and more.


Disc One:
#1. Le Freak 5:19
#2. He’s The Greatest DancerĀ 6:03
#3. Upside Down 4:04
#4. Everybody Dance 8:20
#5. We Are Family 8:08
#6. Spacer 6:15
#7. I Want Your Love 6:49
#8. Lost In Music 4:42
#9. Saturday 6:04
#10. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) 8:20
#11. Got to Love Somebody 6:51
#12. My Feet Keep Dancing 6:36
Disc Two:
#1. Good Times 8:06
#2. I’m Coming OutĀ 5:20
#3. Why 8:10
#4. My Forbidden Lover 6:24
#5. Thinking Of You 4:22
#6. I Love My Lady 5:21
#7. Backfired 6:20
#8. Soup For One 7:57
#9. High Society 6:06
#10. Reach Your Peak 5:25
#11. Your Love Is Good 4:47
#12. My Old Piano 3:54
#13. Chic Cheer 4:41


Nile Rodgers: Guitars, Vocals
Bernard Edwards: Bass, Vocals
Tony Thompson: Drums, Percussion
Norma Jean Wright: Vocals
Luci Martin: Vocals


Bernard Edwards
Nile Rodgers


9th July, 2013


After the enormous disco crash of the early 80s, a lot of these enormously talented performers were forgotten and their evergreen singles consigned to negative stereotypes. Honestly, there came a point when you couldn’t enjoy these tracks without truckloads of guilt: such was the resonance of that decadent culture that promoted reckless partying and substance abuse in the golden age. But over time, thanks to countless hip-hop and house producers who utilized them as templates for hit after hit into 90s and the 2000s, the legacy remained alive.


A groovy bassline, analog keyboards floating between major and minor key, pulsating strings and trumpets, and most importantly – the catchy licks and riffs emanating from Rodgers’ famed glass guitar. His and Edwards’ tried and tested addictive funk formula that charted songs for artists ranging from Madonna to Duran Duran to InXS is revived on Up All Night. Several cuts have been digitally remastered for the first time in their original 12″ glory, so that fans who had to settle for the pitched-down vinyl versions can enjoy them as they were meant to be.


For Chic purists, the seminal classics are included (Le Freak, Everybody Dance, I Want Your Love, Good Times) as well as lesser-known singles that gained popularity later on through sampling and remixes (Soup For One, Chic Cheer). Short-lived French act Sheila & B. Devotion also make an appearance, as do solo cuts from Norma Jean Wright and Carly Simon.


In terms of quality there isn’t much to choose between the two discs, although the first contains generally earlier releases with a more conservative, dance-able style. The second is more adventurous (though less catchy), with more overt exotic jazz, samba, and Latin touches, clearly suggestive of the early 80s. All in all, a solid collection that’s just the right length: just long enough to not make you feel cheated, and about the duration of the average Chic concert.





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    I luv it.

  2. Christel Gabilly says:

    Watch out… <3

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