Tell me by Mike Wyatt


It’s quite a feat for an EP to be ‘pigeonholed’ into as many genres as I’ve put this one into, but here you are. London based Mike Wyatt allows his lyrical talent to shine through, and coupled with an acoustic on occasion, the results are four solid tracks that will only serve as a stepping stone to bigger and brighter things as the months roll on.


#1. Tell Me 3:48
#2. Desires 3:06
#3. Run 4:19
#4. Softly Spoken 2:10


Mike Wyatt: Vocals, Guitar


The title track Tell Me is arguably the most comprehensive of them all, featuring a neat little jig and solid verses throughout. Wyatt’s raspy vocals then proceed to retract into a stop-start routine in the following Desires, allowing us to catch some more of the guitar work on offer. In fairness, it will take some of the more experienced listeners by surprise on the apparent disconnect between Wyatt’s age – 22, and the maturity of his vocal content on this release.


Softly Spoken could have been a shade longer, but that one’s a minor gripe, really. Regardless, it’d be fun to check out how this artist would graduate this reasonably serene EP into a fully-fledged studio record sooner or later.





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