Where the Heaven Are We by Swim Deep

Swim Deep


If you expect this to be just another indie rock band from England, you’re wrong. Debuting with a few tracks on Soundcloud, Swim Deep released their EP, Sun On My Back early in 2013. While King City made it atop the alternative charts, they’ve gone for a 80s-90s indie revival sound for their debut, Where The Heaven Are We. After giving us some tasteful singles in anticipation, the real challenge for this album will be to match up to each of those.


#1. Intro 1:14
#2. Francisco 4:07
#3. King City 4:18
#4. Honey 3:39
#5. Colour Your Ways 3:02
#6. Make My Sun Shine 3:44
#7. The Sea 3:40
#8. Red Lips I Know 3:57
#9. Soul Trippin’ 4:33
#10. Stray 4:14
#11. She Changes the Weather 4:35
Bonus Track:
#12. Crush 4:06


Austin Williams: Vocals
Tom Higgins: Guitar
Cavan McCarthy: Bass Guitar
Zachary Robinson: Drums, Percussion


Charlie Hugall


5th August, 2013


The Sea
She Changes The Weather
King City


Where the Heaven Are We starts off with a rather short Intro track, which serves its trademark purpose of giving us an insight into the record without giving too much away. As it is all but a short demo of She Changes the Weather, it seems rather odd that it doesn’t follow. Nevertheless the soft piano and guitar acoustics are melodic and almost laid back to listen to. The ‘real’  She Changes the Weather at the close however, is one of Swim Deep’s most iconic tracks, and is arguably why they are as big as they are. Songwriter and lead vocalist Austin Williams’ simple yet unconventional lyrics make this piano led track incredible, and a perfect finish to the album. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense to start and finish this record with such a beautiful and simple track.


The first half of this debut is rather impacting. Honey  is a fine example of effortless song writing. Although rather mellow, the direct lyrics and incredible bass render it irresistible with time – the optimism shines through, and makes this for a perfect summer listen. In the second half and toward the close, Stray comes into play which is almost along the lines of a ballad. Each layer builds perfectly over the previous one and the outcome is one mellow melody full of dewy guitars and lyrics full of reminisce.


Given that this is a debut record at the end of the day, it isn’t flawless. It is slightly predictable but at the same time has a merry air of freshness to it. The young quadruple have gone all out on this, with no restrictions or limitations whatsoever. There are moments of sheer brilliance which is rare given their relative inexperience. All said and done, Where the Heaven Are We with its resounding theme of escapism makes for a soothing listen.





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