Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters



Put it this way. If The Lightning Thief and its alterations from Rick Riordan’s source material annoyed you beyond belief, be assured that this sequel makes a larger attempt to stick with its pre-ordained script. If loyalty to the source material is not on your priority list either way, you’d still want to give the Sea of Monsters a customary first watch.


Logan Lerman
Brandon T. Jackson
Alexandra Daddario
Douglas Smith
Leven Rambin
Jake Abel
Stanley Tucci
Nathan Fillion


Thor Freudenthal


7th August, 2013


107 minutes


The plot comes off as fairy tale-ish, if a little simplistic: Percy and his friends embark on a quest to prevent their home from being overrun by monsters. They thus dive into the ‘Sea of Monsters’ to retrieve a mythical object, ‘The Golden Fleece’, that possesses the power to restore the shields that protect their homes.


So right off the bat, this is a family-oriented film, with zero foul language or sex. It does overshoot to the other extreme on occasion – with certain dialogues being awkward and corny, but it isn’t too bad and in comparison to the rather mediocre The Lightning Thief, a certain semblance of justice has been showered. Another qualm I have is with the film’s CGI, which was far from top notch throughout. Sure, the fire bull up front looks lively and ferocious, and the sea horse that doubles up as a ferry later on is similarly life-like, the overall results are mixed – especially the giant, fiery God toward the end. Off the top of my head, Clash of the Titans from 2010 had more or less the same special effect of a similar character but appeared to be more convincing at the time.


All around, it’s a fun movie. I would expect the bulk of the crowd who enjoy this one to be the from the same bracket of fans of film I, but there’s an equally good chance that you’d be pleasantly surprised with the pacing and mild comedy of it all even if you’re a recent entrant to this franchise.





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