See You on the Other Side by Korn


You may have your views on 2002’s Untouchables, but really, See You on the Other Side from three years later was Korn’s first wild card album, if you like. Most would place it quite simply as the group’s first release since guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s departure, but it was a shade more than that from an artistic and creative perspective, and all to the band’s credit too.


#1. Twisted Transistor 4:12
#2. Politics 3:16
#3. Hypocrites 3:49
#4. Souvenir 3:50
#5. 10 or a 2-Way 4:41
#6. Throw Me Away 4:41
#7. Love Song 4:18
#8. Open Up 6:15
#9. Coming Undone 3:19
#10. Getting Off 3:25
#11. Liar 4:14
#12. For No One 3:37
#13. Seen It All 6:19
#14. Tearjerker 5:05
Special Edition:
#1. It’s Me Again 3:35
#2. Eaten Up Inside 3:18
#3. Last Legal Drug (Le Petit Mort) 5:15
#4. Twisted Transistor (Dante Ross Mix)3:29
#5. Twisted Transistor (Dummies Club Mix)7:53


Jonathan Davis: Vocals, Bagpipes
James “Munky” Shaffer: Guitars
Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu: Bass
David Silveria: Drums


Jonathan Davis
Atticus Ross
The Matrix


6th December, 2005


Twisted Transistor
Coming Undone
Hypocrites (Promo Only)


It isn’t too much of a mystery in hindsight to spot that the 2000s caught the five, then four, then three-piece floundering a wee bit (that should tell the story) with their member count, direction and style, with 2003’s back-to-basics Take a Look in the Mirror effort especially proving average in sales and critical reception. A duel album deal with Virgin was thus crafted soon after in an attempt to arrest the perennial year-on-year decline and it’s fair to say that SYOTOS made a pretty good fist of it in the end, selling more than Untouchables and TALITM put together, and in an era where the Internet was really clawing in to the global listening market. Well played for that, and it wasn’t a success that arose out of the blue either.


Far from it in fact, this record – with its adequate share of singles and a formulaic industrial sound packs a solid punch through and through. Korn have discarded their impressionistic chords and rich walls of sound in favour of more of a horizontal approach, and it works. Straight off the bat, Twisted Transistor inevitably enjoys a warm reception, combining the band’s signature heavy sound with several intelligent layers of electronica from The Matrix’s stables, no less.


Politics with a catchy riff proves equally successful in its industrial venture, as does Coming Undone at #9, which is more or less its half-brother on the tracklisting. Other efforts such as Throw Me Away go for more of an atmospheric appeal, with variety being a desirable side-effect to their experimentation. I also dig the chant-like chorus in Open Up, and would rank that atop the fourteen songs on offer, contrary to much of the audience who’d much rather give – you guessed it, the Twisted Transistors a spin until the cows come home. Fair enough too, and there are several remixes on the auxiliary discs to keep them entertained.


The bottomline? Simple, the Korn you knew back in Jr. High is gone. They came perilously close to committing artistic suicide with Take a Look in the Mirror from a couple of years prior, and I can’t fault many from thinking at the time that the band were done for. Let’s just say that See You on the Other Side plugged several holes from their sinking Titanic to keep them afloat for a while longer.


(Also check out our article on Korn’s associated live performance from the same calendar year, Live on the Other Side).





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