Dexter Season 8

Dexter Season 8


A blood splatter analyst by day and a slave of the Dark Passenger by night. Who is this mysterious killer who runs by a code? It’s Dexter Morgan. The serial killer everybody loves, at least until season 8 came out.


What you miss this season in Dexter, is the Dark Passenger and Harry (Dexter’s Father). Oh yeah, and the story too. The lull that has been this season, watching it was a task and you had to continue with it only because the viewer after eight years of loyalty wants to experience the sequence of events leading upto either one’s death, be it Dexter or Debra. And of course what we got was not what any of us expected or deserved.


Michael C. Hall
Jennifer Carpenter
Desmond Harrington
Julie Benz
David Zayas
C.S. Lee
Aimee Garcia
Geoff Pierson
Lauren Vélez
Erik King
James Remar



James Manos, Jr.



5th November, 2013





On the 18th of April this year, Showtime officially announced that the eighth season would be the show’s last.


The Season begins with a major revelation. The viewers learn that ‘Harry’s code’, Dexter’s religion, wasn’t Harry’s idea but Doctor Vogel’s. Then, we have the ‘Brain Surgeon’, a killer threatening Vogel and the one who proves evasive being put on Dexter’s table.


An annoying pointless character story is Elway, Debra’s boss (Her guilt trip on killing LaGuerta makes her to quit Miami Metro and become a private investigator) and the cat and mouse he and Hannah keep playing right till the end. To be fair, they do show a rather well though out sequence toward the close – that of Dexter revealing his true self in front of Quinn and Batista; and though Quinn gets a hint but they never get to know his secret. And of course the interesting course they try to take by introducing Dexter’s apprentice, Zach and the unexpected disclosure that Saxon, the “Brain Surgeon” was Vogel’s son .But they never go far with it, just a lot of fooling around before killing Debra.


Hall depicts the ache and confusion Dexter must be going through only by using his eyes and a lack of expression. Hall was Dexter, nobody could have fitted in better. Jenifer Carpenter’s character has always been caught in a juxtaposition and she always did do a laudable job portraying that. Darri Ingolfsson isn’t quite as impressive as “The Brain Surgeon”; accepted that his creepy eye expression would make you shudder every time, yet, he wasn’t the perfect nemesis to Dexter.



Fans thus far have been polarized with regards to their opinion on this final season, with some praising the parting scenes between Dexter and Deb, while others being surprisingly scathing in their outlooks.


The out of the blue appearance of Masuka’s daughter, vague references to Dexter’s step children, the really hard-to-believe-they-brought-her-back appearance of Hannah just so the show creators could show they had somebody to take care of Harrison in the end, Debra kissing Quinn just so that everybody knows in the end after a lot of “fuck ups” she does find romantic love; it all seems too coincidental and stereotypical. It was as if they were forcibly trying to find a finish for every character.


In the end, we also get to know that Dexter and Debra were meant for each other. Debra’s life in the arms of Dexter, it was a touching ending for her. But then, after killing her he becomes a lumberjack to punish himself. A lumberjack! Dexter was bigger than this, his story probably should have ended like it began, in a pool of blood. Was the lack of a bloody exit only to shock the audience or to leave an open ending so maybe they could reprise Dexter someday in the future. Undoubtedly, they leave us with too many questions running around in our heads and too much of a disappointment towards a show dearly loved by all, serial killer or not.





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