Direct Hits by The Killers


The Greatest Hits compilation of any band is a sign. It hints that the next album that comes out will be as freakin’ awesome as these songs were and forget our recent meh-meh work.


The Killers were always a band who stood out what with Brandon Flowers uniquely fitting voice and the rest of the band member’s supporting the song; Dave Keuning with his hauntingly gripping guitar skills, Roni Vennuci’s drums filling in the beats at the right time and Stoermer’s bass in the backdrop holding it all together.


Their greatest albums till date have to be Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town, we’ll be kidding if we say the rest were anything much in comparison, so when you listen to all of those songs again in this album it is a walk down the good ol’ music days.


#1. Mr. Brightside 3:42
#2. Somebody Told Me 3:17
#3. Smile Like You Mean It 3:54
#4. All These Things That I’ve Done 5:01
#5. When You Were Young 3:40
#6. Read My Mind 4:06
#7. For Reasons Unknown 3:32
#8. Human 4:09
#9. Spaceman 4:43
#10. A Dustland Fairytale 3:45
#11. Runaways 4:04
#12. Miss Atomic Bomb 4:53
#13. The Way It Was 3:51
#14. Shot at the Night 4:02
#15. Just Another Girl 4:22
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
#16. Mr. Brightside (Original Demo) 4:22
#17. When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)6:12
#18. Be Still 4:33


The Killers
Jeff Saltzman
Alan Moulder
Stuart Price
Steve Lillywhite
Brendan O’Brien
Damian Taylor


11th November, 2013


So we begin with the best. Mark Stroemer is all we should focus on when listening to Mr.Brightside. This song‘s lyrics are so explicitly visual, it’s hard to not like it. It would take great mental effort and will to not like it, it is that kind of a ubiquitously accepted brilliance. And it’s been heard in every movie or show with a mention of infidelity.


Battle Born wasn’t one of their best albums, but they have included three songs from that album, the best one among them is of course Miss Atomic Bomb, featuring the typical American Rock elements.This song will always stay amongst their best. Smile like you mean it, reminiscence of their past brilliance ironically is a song about the past.It takes you through the narrator’s ghostly past and yes, leaves you with a tinge of nostalgia and sadness. The power of the song!


Now you see, it’s a trend. Let us not blame them. They had to feature a Calvin Harris remix of their most loved song, they had no option. It adds nothing to the song, maybe just depreciates its original standard. The song will finish,thankfully, making you sad that this was them trying to fit in the’ new and pop’.Then we have,  Keuning’s guitar solo in Read My mind  his most, what seems effortlessly good, showcase of talent.


Shot At the Night is produced by M83’s Anthony Gonzalvez and it shows. The slight touch of post rock elements with Flowers transcendental voice adding the right amount of hallucination and drama to the song.


The album will end and the listener will smile (and will mean it!), we missed this kind of music Killers! Jump back on that wagon and get it back.





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