High Rise by Stone Temple Pilots


Most neutrals accepted that it was about time a serial offender in Scott Weiland was disposed off of Stone Temple Pilots for good, him being a founding member notwithstanding. What possibly took many by surprise (yours truly included) was his replacement announced shortly afterward, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park fame.


#1. Out of Time 3:04
#2. Black Heart 3:09
#3. Same on the Inside 3:15
#4. Cry Cry 3:28
#5. Tomorrow 3:30


Chester Bennington: Lead Vocals
Robert DeLeo: Bass, Backing Vocals
Dean DeLeo: Guitars
Eric Kretz: Drums


Stone Temple Pilots


8th October, 2013


Out of Time
Black Heart


Now there is little in common between the two singers. While Weiland exuded the aura of an ageing junkie at times, Bennington has always been the more defensive and contrite of the two. Having him perform vocal duties on Core from 1992 would be a mess I would imagine, as would having Weiland chug out spell after spell on Meteora. The latter is of course fictional, and we move the spotlight on Bennington and the resultant step up that ensues as he attunes himself into the vocal booth of a band ten years his senior.


You can breathe a sigh of relief, then. The marriage works out well and with minimal fuss. It’s heartening to note that the band in its new avatar have played it safe by aiming to strictly script only simplistic hard rock tracks and little else, thereby unintentionally adding in some 90s nostalgia into the mix. The DeLeo duo on the guitar especially come out with more of the same, and Bennington’s slick vocals give the overall set of songs a mainstream appeal of sorts, and come off as products of intricate sculpting.


And yes, many as an audience would love more of the same as well, I hear there’s an LP coming out in due course. Should any of the tracks carry on the vibe of Out of Time or better yet, Cry Cry, I’ll pick it up no questions asked.





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  1. Varun Chhabria says:

    Couldn't get through the album. And it's less than 17 min long. Queens of the Stone Age disappointed earlier this year, but this album takes the cake. Not saying the disappointment wasn't expected, though. 🙂 STP, like any grunge band, eventually disappoints and stagnates.

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