Interview: The Step Outs


“We have worked pretty hard to come to this point and we’ll keep on doing that because music is something that really moves us.”


We interview The Step Outs, an upcoming rock outfit hailing from Chile. Thanks to Angello Giorgio (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Matías Duran (Keyboard, Guitar) for sharing their views:


1. Since this is effectively your debut into the music industry, it seems only fair that you start out by telling us about your journey thus far – how you met, what made you click and your voyage up until this point?


Matías: We met each other in the school when we were ten or less, though we were in a kind of rival classes in soccer plays, so we didn’t speak to each other as of then! Later, I joined another school and we didn’t see each other anymore until eight years passed, more or less; while we were looking for members for different projects we met again. So, after a lot of stupor of creating and dissolving bands, we formed and labelled ourselves, The Step Outs. There’s nothing specific that had made us click, maybe it was the fixed idea that says dreams don’t achieve themselves. We have worked pretty hard to come to this point and we’ll keep on doing that because music is something that really moves us.


Angello: Indeed, About All These Things is our debut in the music industry, and also our first encounter with the public at large, around the world. In short, we could say that we are two tireless musicians doing what we love to do. We contacted each other through an Internet page where people share musical tastes, talk about bands, or chat about music in general. And that was when we got a big surprise: we had been classmates in elementary school. So we realized that we had many things in common. After several different band life-cycles, we decided to make music just between the two of us. It is here then, where The Step Outs story begins.


2. The name you’ve chosen for your band is rather unique too. Is there any particular story behind that?


Matías: I think it makes a lot of sense to describe people who we have seen getting lost in a musical way. Natural musicians, people with dreams and wishes and hopes, who end up enclosed in an office or breathing in cement in a sunny city. I think there doesn’t exist a bigger self-flagellation than giving up to the regulations of society who expect one and all to be a person economically productive and emotionally unsatisfied, so they can sell you whatever they want and keep you watching their TV sitcoms and your newly released cellphone 24 hours a day.


Angello: Somehow, neither of us is fond of the perfect life. We mean that society often defines what you should do with your life, and what not. Buy cars, have a big house, a nice dog, make money… In summary, live-study-work-buy-die. We have been trained to believe that life is about that, and our name is quite the opposite.


We think there are many ways of life that are entitled to be as they want to be. There is always the possibility of living a Step Out life, with your own mistakes, with your own horizons, one which might not be friendly to societal advices, but in fact, one that ends up making you happy.


In short, living a Step Out Life means to live with yourself. Not with what others want you to be.


3. Tell us about some of the artists that influence your music, or one that have had some influence through it – if at all.


Matías: I think that we both have been influenced a lot by Radiohead, Coldplay, The Verve and Placebo for starters. The rest are personal influences, from Bukowski to Mahler, Ravel, through Louis Armstrong, The Ramones, Córtazar. A lot of sounds and trees of words, brave tales and heart haemorrhages.


Angello: Our major influences could be artists like Damien Rice, Richard Ashcroft, Yuck, Radiohead, Land of Talk, Placebo, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Flaming Lips, etc … always been linked to the alternative genre.


4. After just the first listen, I felt that your music is raw and the lyrics unconventional yet simple. Were you playing it safe from your perspective, or experimenting?


Matías: Whilst making music I’m always under the impression that we are experimenting a little with what we like to do, so it appears in new, dainty things somewhere along the process. It’s a kind of mix between experimentation and a style which mainly shows up from the targets we have as musicians.


Angello: We always try to keep the roots of the emotion behind the initial composition, the composition of who and what brings forth the idea. We think that our language is not easy. We like to use metaphors to express what we want to say. The tough talk is the task of scientists, we want to make art, create beauty from nothing, beauty from the words. That`s our goal.




5. A number of artists are drifting toward the indie and electro genres. What made you pick alternative rock to begin with?


Matías: I think that if we have to label our music’s style, alternative rock is definitely the answer, because I feel we have more freedom, always looking for the harmony between musically getting high and making it presentable for the audience.


Angello: The alternative is always an alternative!  Although over time, will remain an alternative.


6. You haven’t made any music videos for any of your tracks. Do you think that not doing so would divert the listeners’ attention away from the music, or is there another specific reason?


We have a great opportunity on this topic. We have been contacted by one of the biggest music video directors today (we maintain backward anonymity). He told us that he loved our song Stop This Heart Beat and that would be a pleasure to shoot a video for that track if all works out fine.


7. I came across your Soundcloud page in which you were rather interactive with all your listeners. Would you take into account their comments and suggestions while composing next time around?


Matías: We like to know what people think about us and what they feel when they listen to our music. I think the sensation when you know somebody somewhere in the world feels moved by your music is indescribable, it’s amazing. We like to reply to such people, we are made of flesh and blood, so when people show us their affection, we like to reward them in return. Regarding taking into account their comments while we are composing, I think each of us must do what comes for our soul, even though the most of people make you feel in the wrong way, if you really feel it inside your soul, you must go on. We take into account those comments, yes, but critiques are merely opinion. Music just appears, it isn’t filtered in the creative process.


Angello: This point is key. Our race just begun, and what more we have learned so far, is to learn from those who are listening to our music. It is impossible to think that today, in the 21st century, both music and information are transmitted unilaterally. Art is back and forth, give and take. And today we have the most diverse platforms to maintain close contact with those who hear us constantly. Much of what we have discussed with the fans has helped us shaping and building go all the way to us as a band, and we are clear, we will not rest until it’s something big.


8. After the successful launch of the EP, do you think you’d go on to make an LP?


Matías: We’d like to make an LP, I hope get the chance soon….


Angello: Our first major production is fast approaching. It’s great the good reception we’ve had in our first few months of life. It is impossible to think that we will stop anytime soon.


Music is our life. It motivates us to get up in the morning, and Also to sleep and dream every night.


We will not rest until history has a place for us.



“Our first major production is fast approaching. It’s great the good reception we’ve had in our first few months of life. It is impossible to think that we will stop anytime soon.”


Want to know more about The Step Outs? Begin by looking up their Soundcloud page, and give them a shoutout on Facebook or Twitter. Like their music? Feel free to purchase via their iTunes handle.




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