Pure Heroine by Lorde


The newer additions to the music industry involve artists like Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, whose music instantly became viral hits. While many were busy grooving to their tunes, the rest of us were caught up in a different beat altogether. Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor who is better known by her stage name, Lorde, is the singer from New Zealand whose hypnotic voice has left many mesmerized. This seventeen year old was among the first solo artists from her country to have a number one on  the Billboard Hot 100 this year. After the release of her EP The Love Club, the single Royals became an instant hit. Shortly after she went on to release her debut LP, Pure Heroine. The pressing question is whether this rather young performer has more to offer than just one hit.


#1. Tennis Court
#2. 400 Lux
#3. Royals
#4. Ribs
#5. Buzzcut Season
#6. Team
#7. Glory and Gore
#8. Still Sane
#9. White Teeth Teens
#10. A World Alone


Ella Yelich O’Connor: Additional Production, Composer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Stuart Hawkes: Mastering
Mario Hugo: Design, Illustrations
Joel Little: Composer, Engineer, Instrumentation, Mixing, Producer


Joel Little


27th September, 2013


Tennis Court


A lot of people would begin listening to Pure Heroine with a preconceived notion of what it would sound like, what the lyrics what talk about and if it’s just another art-pop record. All set to break that stereotype is Tennis Court with slow graze beats and lyrics that project a sense of demarcation. Although the song that caught people’s attention was Royals, that isn’t the only track capable of attaining such glory. The track preceding it, 400 Lux is just as good and is a personal favorite. It boasts of mellow sensuality and has on loop a siren like synth. The lyrics in this one are rather philosophical yet can easily be related to.


The fact that Lorde has co-written each song is quite impressive. Each song has lyrics that expose the world through the perspective of the youth. Contrary to what many may have believed, this isn’t about drinking and going to clubs. Instead, it’s about everyday experiences shared by countless teenagers. Another sophisticated feature of Pure Heroine is the production.  Producer Joel Little went for the minimalist approach. The vocals and beats have been emphasized but the background melodies have been given just as much importance. It clearly worked well, as Lorde’s powerful voice is dramatic and poignant enough to capture the listener’s attention. Successful exhibits of this are Team, Ribs and Buzzcut Season. 


With only ten tracks and a play time of barely thirty eight minutes, Pure Heroine got over too soon.  Initially it might be difficult to overcome the fact that this was all the work of a seventeen year old. But expression of emotions isn’t restricted solely to seniors and should be done freely, just like Lorde has. The album is passionate and soulful and even though it is pop music, it still manages to be timeless. The mysterious and alluring vocals are enough to give this one multiple listens.





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