Wrapped in Red by Kelly Clarkson

Wrapped in Red by Kelly Clarkson


Well ho ho! Hey Christmas is here and another famous singer comes out with a Christmas album. Who better than an ex-American Idol winner? It’s the right combination of everything American, a voice that reminds you of a clichéd American story of dreams coming true sung under the mistletoe. Oh can you see the red and white everywhere?


#1. Wrapped in Red 3:36
#2. Underneath the Tree 3:49
#3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 3:39
#4. Run Run Rudolph 2:27
#5. Please Come Home for Christmas (Bells Will Be Ringing) 3:19
#6. Every Christmas 3:46
#7. Blue Christmas 2:52
#8. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Feat. Ronnie Dunn) 3:01
#9. Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song) 3:22
#10. White Christmas 3:02
#11. My Favorite Things 2:49
#12. 4 Carats 3:28
#13. Just For Now3:30
#14. Silent Night (Feat. Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood)4:09
International Deluxe Edition:
#15. I’ll Be Home for Christmas2:54
#16. Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel2:00
Kelly Clarkson: Lead Vocals


Greg Kurstin


25th October, 2013


Underneath The Tree


Ms. Clarkson, or shall I say Mrs. Blackstock, brings out this album with a few of her own compositions and some old. The album reminds you of December and the snow, it will achieve what it’s been released for. Oh Come Emanuel is a two minute interlude that brings to light how a truly cultivated artist doesn’t need a lot to impress. Silent Night featuring Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood, makes you think that the carol singers are at your doorstep singing and making you smile.


Then there is the Run Run Rudolph, rock n’ roll and Christmas. Yup, let’s pep things up around here a bit. This record has a novel sound to it, only because Clarkson is willing to experiment.


With Every Christmas she comes off as a savvy soul singer, who’s just doing what she does every day. Her vocals and backing efforts in the song add a very powerful feel to it. Clarkson has balls, she’s defying the odds and amazing us with as much character as you can add to your everyday Christmas album. The audience will have to admire her for that. Baby it’s Cold outside with Runn is especially a charming number, it’ll win you over in the first go. Winter’s Dream (Brandon’s song) is again filled with a lot of pizzazz, it makes you want to get up, raise your hands and sway along. Thank you Kelly, for introducing spunk to this song.


4 Carats though is a bit of a shock. It’s audacious, in-your-face and shows the greed in red. With unconventional Christmas song lyrics, it captures insecurity and the sort of insatiable hidden desire that we associate with our gifts during the season. Definitely the show stopper, this one.


Just For Now is a simple statement of a song, that puts us in the awe of her vocal prowess. We all always expect something different from an artist with every album, not so much with the conventional Christmas album,so isn’t it wonderful when an artist chooses to amaze you with the roaring limits of their talent?


Oh I hope Clarkson has a very merry Christmas because with this record she definitely managed to make us think to ourselves, it’s a Merry Christmas indeed.





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