Baptized by Daughtry


This dude could not get Simon Cowell’s approval in his first American Idol audition, he didn’t win the competition either. But then he came out with his album, had quite a few hit singles and managed to get  a Grammy nomination. Chris Daughtry doesn’t mess around, he keeps surprising and emerging as the perennial dark horse.


Out with his band, Daughtry’s new album, Baptized, exudes the impression that they should have taken more time working on it. Refresh their minds to come up with less heard-this-before kind of music. It’s not hard to see the lack of inspiration on a few songs, Chris has a great voice, wows you with the range of his vocals every time. But those few songs that just fail to work, bring the entire experience of the album as whole, to south.


#1. Baptized 3:11
#2. Waiting for Superman 4:26
#3. Battleships 3:52
#4. I’ll Fight 3:00
#5. Wild Heart 3:50
#6. Long Live Rock & Roll 3:36
#7. The World We Knew 3:35
#8. High Above the Ground 3:11
#9. Broken Arrows 4:08
#10. Witness 4:11
#11. Traitor 3:03
#12. 18 Years 4:51
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
#13. Undefeated 3:40
#14. Cinderella 3:13
#15. Battleships (Acoustic) 3:41


Chris Daughtry : Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Josh Steely: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Craddock: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Josh Paul: Bass, Backing Vocals
Robin Diaz: Drums


Martin Johnson
Rock Mafia


19th November, 2013

Waiting for Superman
Long Live Rock & Roll


Lead single Waiting for superman is likeable at the least, the lyrics are not as tragic as they are made out to be in the song, but that’s the stand-out feature of Daughtry’s voice, he introduces emotion and plays with every word masterfully. And we all love this kind of talent!


Broken Arrows is a rock ballad that will warm up your heart, it’s as dramatic and cheesy as the climax of a romantic movie and with lyrics that say, “Seems like every little word I say/ keeps getting twisted”, you might think this song was literally made for that role. Witness is an average song with average appeal, it’ll drown away in its mediocrity(just like the previous song). So let’s just not expand on it any further.


18 years however, is a great track with enticing lyrics and Chris’s voice holding the entire thing together. Long Live Rock and Roll,another single, wins you over. A tribute to their and everybody else’s favourites. It runs like Credits at the end of a movie and sure seems like it was meant to be that way.


Cinderella is the surprise in the album. Rejoice! The lyrics are playful and it seems Chris is really enjoying singing it.It is the kind of song a new pop rock band usually comes out with, but we aren’t complaining Daughtry. This kind of change is welcome. Battleships has pleasant typical music, but the “boom boom boom” in the chorus seems like an unnecessary exaggeration.


The album has the feel-good music tag on it but will you come back to it after a month? Only to a handful of tracks. Most of them will be forgotten as quickly as another pop song. And that’s the thing! This is not even a pop album. It’s a rock album, by the Grammy nominated creators of It’s Not Over. After a point it’ll be tough to understand what kind of audience was being targeted by Daughtry  and what they were trying to achieve. Let’s just hope their next album is a notch above this one. We want better and more.





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