Funnily enough, one animated feature makes it big each year and goes on to win an Academy Award, along with several other awards. But for the most part, the flavour of the season is no different from the last, and that’s a bit of a pity. Only an elite collection of films from the decade gone by truly trump their competition and earn a place amongst some other Disney classics – which to be fair, has gone on for a while without a significant update. Thankfully as it were, Frozen bucks the trend and strikes gold with sparkling results.


Kristen Bell
Idina Menzel
Jonathan Groff
Josh Gad
Santino Fontana


Chris Buck
Jennifer Lee


27th November, 2013


108 minutes


The film follows the lives of two sibling princesses, Elsa and Anna. The former possesses control over winter elements like ice and snow, but after a terrible accident, the parents decide to isolate the sisters and wipe the younger Anna’s memory clean of any knowledge of Elsa’s rather destructive powers. Fast forwarding to present day sees an older Anna – still an eternal optimist on the hunt for her sister who sets off an eternal winter in a fit of rage, over their hometown of Arendelle.


The most outstanding premise in this film is the absence of any particular antagonist, which is a rare feat for the animated kind. Princess, and eventually Queen Elsa is the closest character to qualify as one I suppose, but even she doesn’t mean to be. Likewise, beau Prince Hans is also half-hearted over the line. The net result being that the plotline proceeds in a far more thematic direction, which is a welcome reprieve from the everyday movie – animated or not, and provide a bunch of characters you can relate to. I’m sure many will particularly like Olaf the snowman – who is not too dissimilar to say, Donkey from the Shrek series of films.


The music, meshed with the story adds another dimension to it all, thereby making Frozen one of the most tolerable animation features in recent years. Just when you think that you have the rest of the plot figured out, the script will surprise you with its misdirection. I particularly was caught unawares by the plot twist involving Prince Hans, but if you go into this one thinking of it to be sister vs. sister, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless, have fun at the movies!





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