Last Vegas


Hollywood’s finest come together in one film, set in Vegas. Directed by John Turtletaub of National Treasure fame, the film brings together Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline. ¬†Four academy award winners come up their own rendition of a fun time in Vegas.


Michael Douglas
Robert De Niro
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Kline
Mary Steenburgen


Jon Turteltaub


1st November, 2013


105 minutes


Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline in the same film. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this would be one great movie. The realit however is markedly different. John Turtletaub’s take on barmy old codgers having fun in Vegas is as predictable and old as time itself.


The four actors play chilldhood friends, called the “The Flatbush Four”. They all mett up when they are much older, in part due to Michael Douglas’ proposal to his 31 year old girlfriend. The old geezers respond to Billy’s (Douglas) request for a bachelor party in Vegas.The gang comprises of Archie ( Freeman), Sam(Kline) and Paddy( De Niro). Archie has had a mild stroke and feels imprisoned in his son’s house. Sam is old and tired, in the most literal of ways. Paddy is a surly New Yorker, still miffed with Billy, for not attending his wife’s funeral.


The movie quite predicatbly revolves around casinos and hotels, and the old geezers rediscovering their mojo. The rest can be described as old guys doing things generally associated with younger people. Including the ogling at young women part, which can seem a bit discomforting at times.


They find some help in Diana (Mary Steenburgen) who is quite engaging and watchable in her turn as a ex-lawyer turned lounge singer. She is unfortunately lost between De Niro and Douglas, both of who who fancy her considerably. Diana ignites a rivalry between the two and is the most watchable of all the acting talent on display.


There’s a few funny lines, gags and attempts at sentimentality. Needless to say, the film never rises above the mediocre. There’s a good and fun vibe about the film though, which is it’s strongest point. The actors are at ease in their roles as you would expect from such illustrious names.


My expectations after seeing the cast were considerable, and yet the film let me down. You have four of the best actors ever, and yet you choose to make a film that could pass off as a Hangover for Oldies? They may be old, but boy are they good. Too bad they’re a-wasting their talents.


Ironically though this film also proves why multistarrers sill fail. A movie is nothing without a story, and actors who we adore in real life can do precious little to regale us if there characters do not allow them to do so.





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