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Millers 46 is located on well, 46 Millers Rd, right off Cunningham road. I can’t figure whether their nomenclature goes by the road in question or the other way round, but there you are. If you are on the Cunningham road driving toward Cantonment Railway Station, you cut right at a cross junction to now be on Millers road. As you go down the road, you will see Millers on your right; a landmark would be a “Ctrl P” techie store, which forms the ground floor of the building. You will generally get parking across the street; if not, in the lane adjacent to the building (they don’t have valet parking).


Millers 46 does serve alcohol, but it is expensive. If you don’t want to spend a lot on the beers, there is a cheaper place diagonally opposite to Millers, to down a few glasses before you head out to the main protagonist’s abode to fill your belly. But be careful, this is a typical ‘bar’ primarily filled with guys, so tread cautiously when it comes to the company you take out there.



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Vasanth Nagar







Now Millers 46 is a steakhouse! As soon as you settle down at the table, one of the guys will offer a small basket of assorted bread, with bread sticks, buns and slices. An amazing butter flavoured with garlic and fresh herbs accompanies it. Fair enough too, for you will want more of this! The menu has an even spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian assortments.



To start with, the Chicken Wings are the best in the city! I have tried wings are various places, but absolutely nothing comes close to what these guys make. They will give you an option of spicy; ask for it and you are gonna cry it out! These guys stew the wings in a nice tangy, pepper based sauce. The time at Millers just does not ever begin without these chicken wings. For the vegetarians, the cheese fries are nice, loads of cheese and a huge serving! Most of the other appetizers are decidedly average though, including the soups.


For the mains, steaks! No..burgers….No..steaks! It is a perennial dilemma for yours truly, they make the best steaks in town and amazing burgers as well. Of the wide variety of steaks on offer, make your choice depending on the cut of meat you generally like, and the sauce that you prefer; highly recommended are the Fillet Mignon, Chateaubriand and the Twice Marinated Steak, either sizzlers or served in a regular plate. Of the burgers, trust me on this one – order nothing but the Bacon Burger. It is an underrated killer; sandwiching a nice juicy beef or chicken patty, with a generous serving of bacon and an egg atop! Of course, the burgers are served with fries and coleslaw. The trick to finish this baby is to not stop in between the process of eating it, just go on till the plate is clean. Even the 46ers Half Pounder is a good swallow, but it is pretty much a regular beefed up burger.




The veggies are really good too, for such a popular steakhouse! Especially hunt for the Skewered Grilled Veggies or the Stirfried Veggies with Sundried Tomatoes. Not the Italian Spread though, which is decidedly average, having at times excess amounts of cheese and butter which kills the basic taste. The Heavenly Spuds are really filling, but unfortunately most of the times the potatoes are not completely baked, but the dish as such tastes good. I cannot comment on the salads, come on! Millers is a ‘steak’house! But another thing to mention is the kiddies menu they have, it is a nice effort to make the kids feel special and the parents to make a choice for the kiddies food at a locale where they might potentially have felt out of place otherwise. They do have some basic desserts like Brownie with Chocolate Sauce, but not a large variety for the sweet lovers. Just across Millers however is a sweet shop where you can get typical India sweets like Jamuns and Jalebis, but I wouldn’t highly recommend a place like that.


Millers 46 is all day dining, open from 1130 in the morning to 2300 into the night.


Outside of the food, the interiors will likely bowl you over! Right as you start taking the stairs to the 1st or 2nd floor you will be hard pressed to miss the Western, Texan influence which is clearly prevalent: there are pics of cowboys, a saddle on the stairs, a cowboy statue near the entrance, so on and so forth.


Inside, the tables are well spaced and they play soothing rock tunes from the 80s and 90s. You will take some time to see the place over, guns, bells, and their ilk abound. There is a huge water wheel in one of the corners and it amuses a lot of kids…and adults like me too!


The staff are all dressed in a pleasant uniform with cool leather holsters holding their order pads. The guys come off as pleasant, smart and they remember you and your regular orders if you are indeed a regular diner out here.


A highly recommended steak house then, with amazing veggie and meat options. If you love your meat, this is the place to be in Bangalore! Cheers.





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