Dynamite Drug Diamond by Tang


As a French post-Hardcore act, Tang do come with an interesting backstory. The five-piece have been a band for the better part of a decade and a half, and while their lyrics are indeed in English, they’ve only recently begun to find their feet in English speaking territories across the Channel, the Atlantic, and indeed the rest of the world. Dynamite Drug Diamond – if you can wrap your head around that choicey title, is their latest release and comes with eleven power packed tracks, each one shooting to be more intense than the previous one.


#1. Highway Encounter 3:33
#2. Run and Run and Die 6:08
#3. Paint in Black 3:37
#4. Eve of Ceasefire Talks 4:31
#5. In Loving Memories 3:05
#6. Wrong Place Wrong Time 4:33
#7. Hellissanour 5:22
#8. To Wake Up with a Broken Heart 4:02
#9. Lost in Prayers 3:52
#10. Life of Shooting Stars 4:01
#11. Roses Out of Chaos 5:46


Xavier Damary: Guitar, Vocals
Bastien Gournay: Drums, Vocals
Maxime Hedouin: Bass
Sebastien Caplier: Guitar
Gaël Noco: Guitar, Vocals




4th November, 2013


And how does that formula stack up? Not very well, I’m afraid. By the time you’re into your third iteration of the effort, the rinse and repeat shtick reveals itself to be blatantly obvious: a glitzy entrée into each track (pun intended), disconnected vocals flowing alongside chaotic layers of guitar-work, and an inexplicable dumb-down at aroundabout the median of each track that throws everything out of gear.


As a result, highlights are few and far between, if at all. Industrial sounding Hellisandur comes across as an interesting listen at #7, and not a minute too soon. Though I can swear that the song would rank higher were it featured as merely an instrumental. Needless to say therefore, lyrics aren’t amongst Tang’s finer points.


To the band’s credit, they exude little difficulty in delivering the expansive English vocals on offer, and the guitarist can play a tune or two when he puts his mind to it. Unfortunately for a dartboard of a release as complex as this one, the band should have pulled together in a more wholesome direction – one in which there’s lesser amounts of chaos in the overall mix. Best of luck to them for the next one.





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