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For those of you not in the know, the Swedish Fever Ray is Karain Draijer Andersson’s solo project away from The Knife, a two-piece act she founded with her brother in the late-90s. And when 2006’s Silent Shout propelled the pair to mainstream popularity, it was inevitable that a side project or two was due. Enter this self-titled effort come the start of 2009, and what a masterpiece it is.


#1. If I Had a Heart 3:49
#2. When I Grow Up 4:31
#3. Dry and Dusty 3:45
#4. Seven 5:10
#5. Triangle Walks 4:23
#6. Concrete Walls 5:40
#7. Now’s the Only Time I Know 3:59
#8. I’m Not Done 4:20
#9. Keep the Streets Empty for Me (feat. Cecilia Nordlund) 5:40
#10. Coconut 6:48
Japanese Bonus Tracks:
#11. If I Had a Heart (Familjen Remix) 3:56
#12. When I Grow Up (Van Rivers Dark Sails on the Horizon Mix) 9:18
#13. If I Had a Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix) 8:26


Fever Ray: Vocals, Engineer, Mixing, Producer


Christoffer Berg
Fever Ray
Van Rivers
The Subliminal Kid


12th January, 2009


If I Had a Heart
When I Grow Up
Triangle Walks


Okay, so it may or may not appeal to fans of The Knife, and I’d reckon it might be too experimental for them. But that should be just fine for the rest of us, all the more so for those with significant leanings into the world of downtempo and ambiance. Karin possesses a subtle and evocative voice, and along with some natural sounding electronica manages to wade through the ten track affair with relatively little struggle. Admittedly, the funky, tribal beat takes centrestage at the beginning and end of most tracks, but the verses are rightfully hers and her vocals come assorted with several cherries atop. Good stuff.


Though my personal highlights themselves are biased toward tracks that show more by the way of their instrumental side of things; Triangle Walks at #5 with its chiming rhythms is a good shout, as is the ghost town like Keep the Streets Empty For Me second from last. Then you have tracks with a greater sonic appeal such as the closer in Coconut, and Concrete Walls with its dedicated teardrop beat accompanied with merciful 3 AM paranoia. And in a just world, Seven would have been a monster international hit and reached out to all of you lyrics aficionados out there too.


Succinctly put, it’s hard to fathom how an act like Fever Ray (or even The Knife) can shed their mid-tier labels about them. Maybe it has something to do with them being on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Or their rather niche choice of genre. Or even having a female lead vocalist at the helm of things. Something like that is probably it, because their music is as good as any around.





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