Winter’s Hill by Humphrey McKeown


Christmas themed Winter’s Hill puts forth a tried and tested, yet fresh sounding male-female medley across the expanse and reaches of five lush tracks. Coupled with reasonably diverse instruments – each featuring an acoustic twang – the formula works to very satisfactory results, and the pair should be pleased with their effort.


#1. Banks Of Black Creek 3:32
#2. This Winter Night 4:27
#3. Better At Hello 3:39
#4. Over Winter’s Hill 3:36
#5. Won’t You Be Mine 2:24


Heather Humphrey: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Flute, Percussion
Tom McKeown: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion


Tom McKeown


20th November, 2013


I guess the only complaint is that more tracks needed to feature a 50:50 split between both vocalists. Over Winter’s Hill serves us this very mix, which is why certain audiences may be wondering why there weren’t more such specimens on the tracklisting. Fair enough though if Humphrey and McKeown concluded that it falls under the parameter of experimentation, not the norm.


Aside from which the remainder of the songs are gentle, tender and heartwarming. Better at Hello does have some great lyrics and guitar-work in particular. Should this release graduate into an LP, I wouldn’t mind picking it up!





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