Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant


Formerly know as The Jakes, Young the Giant have made it big within the indie space in the genre of rock music. Being relatively newer than most bands, they’ve successfully launched their second album, Mind Over Matter after the huge triumph of a self-titled debut in 2010. Sticking to their original alternative/indie-rock genre, Mind Over Matter comes with a sense of familiarity as well as hint of newness. The band have maintained the lively and zestful air in their music, as well as incorporated a slightly modernistic element. The question that persists is of course, whether it will be welcomed with as much fondness as their debut record.


#1. Slow Dive 0:47
#2. Anagram 4:54
#3. It’s About Time 3:45
#4. Crystallized 4:00
#5. Mind over Matter 4:04
#6. Daydreamer 3:58
#7. Firelight 5:33
#8. Camera 5:12
#9. In My Home 3:39
#10. Eros 4:10
#11. Teachers 3:40
#12. Waves 4:38
#13. Paralysis 4:34


Sameer Gadhia: Lead and Backing Vocals, Percussion, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Keyboards
Jacob Tilley: Guitar
Eric Cannata: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Payam Doostzadeh: Bass Guitar, Synthesizer
Fran├žois Comtois: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals


Justin Meldal-Johnsen


21st January, 2014


It’s About Time


It’s often difficult to distinguish between various artists playing the same or similar genre of music. Mind Over Matter stands out among other albums of of indie rock, yet manages to fit perfectly under the genre. A smooth transition from the first album, it’s a mature record and one that lets the music speak for itself. Although heavier rock tracks have been included, tracks like Firelight and Camera manage to ┬áremind us of the calmer, softer lateral of this album. Both showcase copious amount of passion and a rather summery vibe.


This time around, the quintet turned to award winning producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen who helped by conveniently taking their music up a notch. The result? Strong guitar riffs and vocals that were far more poignant. Just like their previous work, the lyrics this time around are as catchy as ever. Tracks like Crystallized and Daydreamer will certainly have you hooked. The title track does not disappoint either. Vocalist Samir Gadhia’s voice lends a deep and enigmatic feel which compliments the guitar-driven tracks. In addition, the introspective synth and percussion, as seen in Eros, compliment the vivid guitar.


Unlike countless artists, Young the Giant have managed to keep their listeners under a captivating spell of their lucid music, even in their sophomore album. What can only be described as a victorious comeback, this band from Southern California have manged to please their old followers as well as gain some new ones. All in all, a synchronized follow-up to their debut and one that should not be given a miss.





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