Sword in the Stone


Chef won’t be a top ranker on a list of fresh and innovative plotlines, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks in the delivery of its charmingly straightforward story. Succinctly put, Jon Favreau hasn’t tried and failed at craftng a needlessly extravagant lasagna, but has instead served up a scrumptuous platter of molten lava cake – pun intended for those of you who’ve already given it a watch – to absolute perfection.


Jon Favreau
Sofía Vergara
John Leguizamo
Scarlett Johansson
Oliver Platt
Bobby Cannavale
Dustin Hoffman
Robert Downey, Jr.


Jon Favreau


9th May, 2014


114 minutes


The story itself comprises several themes that weave in and out of each other; be it a confrontation between Chef Carl Casper (Favreau) and his conservative boss on whether to serve adventurous, or old-school cuisine, a verbal pie fight and a Twitter storm between him and a renowned food critic, his relationship with his son and the rest of his estranged family, and a roadtrip to and from Miami which seemingly solves all of his life’s problems in a matter of days.


Such are the ingredients, and they’re supple enough to whip up a deliciously light and entertaining comedy. Cameo appearances by Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. come across as refreshing and impeccable, but the (underrated) star of the show is in fact Chef Casper’s son, the brains behind the Social Media push of the food truck that Casper obtains half-way through the storyline. Of course, what sets the film apart from the regulars on movie night are the visuals of the grand food on offer. Favreau not only directed and acted the two hours worth, he cooked it all too, and after extended training sessions from road truck chef Roi Choi no less.


Over the months to come, Chef will occupy the same niche that others in the food genre usually find themselves in – one of light fun and universal humour, and a lasting impression from the years’s stable of releases to boot. It should be most comfortable with the likes of Ratatouille is my punt looking forward, but to each his own!





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  1. Just finished watching it. Really loved the storytelling of Jon Favreau, and being a big-time foody myself it was quite an entertaining, mouth-watering experience for me. 🙂

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