12 Apr 14

Gwyneth & Chris Parting Ways: I Think I Saw This Coming

As one of Hollywood’s highest profile celebrity couples – who were together for 11-plus years, making them one of the more enduring examples of celeb marital harmony – the news of Martin and Paltrow’s break-up is expectedly being received with unfiltered shock from most quarters

01 Mar 14

What Next for Oasis?

Drugs, fame and rivalry. Many a bands have lost their way through these three sins. Many a fan has lost bands they loved, and rock n’ roll has lost a good number of songs that could never be composed. So when Oasis broke up back in 2009, a lot of people said they had seen it coming. And now when we hear about them come back together, it’s hard to act like we didn’t see this coming

30 Dec 13

Interview: Cuttooth

We interview Cuttooth, an upcoming act hailing from North East England. Many thanks to Nick Cooke for his views

12 Dec 13

The Bollywood Underrated

The Bollywood version of Mr. Underrated, here is a list of my favorite underrated actors that are a class above the boring Khans and the mediocre Kapoors. These actors certainly deserve a lot more than they’ve been dealt and yet haven’t made it to the top of the list

03 Dec 13

Interview: Tawny Ellis

We interview Tawny Ellis, an upcoming Los Angeles artist, shortly after the release of her latest EP, Blow by Blow

18 Nov 13

Lady Underrated

The thing about actresses is that they have a shelf-life. Male actors can go on acting till they have one foot in the grave, but female actors usually made to retire after they have a kid, or develop a few wrinkles, or only in Betty White’s case, never. The only roles they get are of mothers, mother-in-laws, or cougars. I think the females in the industry as a whole, are quite underrated, yet, there are few that stand out with stellar performances in Hollywood

12 Nov 13

Swimming with a Catfish

It’s one thing to add up your future roommate whom you’re going to spend the next semester in college with, and a completely different thing when you add up your future roommate’s-ex-girlfriend’s-younger sibling’s-BFF’s-twice removed cousin. The latter is a complete Catfish

09 Nov 13

Interview: The Step Outs

We interview The Step Outs, an upcoming rock outfit hailing from Chile. Thanks to Angello Giorgio (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Matías Duran (Keyboard, Guitar) for sharing their views

13 Oct 13

Interview: Shining Bird

  We interview Shining Bird, an upcoming act hailing from Wollongong, Australia. Fresh off their debut release Leisure Coast, the band talks about the inspiration behind the album and more. [&hellip

09 Oct 13

A Pirating We’ll Go: Watch Dogs & Assassin’s Creed IV

Whether it be on sea or through the digital landscape, Ubisoft has gamers covered when it comes to pirating. Later this fall, they’ll release both Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch Dogs, two games that heavily revolve around the thieving business. While Assassin’s Creed will feature pirating on the high seas, Watch Dogs will deal its cards more subtly, pertaining to info in the technology arena

05 Oct 13

Big Budget Bombs over the Summer

For years now, Hollywood has reveled in the glory of its summer blockbusters. In recent times however, the summer hasn’t exactly gone to plan if you are a film exec. With a bevy of big budget and lavishly made movies coming; the number of resounding flops have slowly crept up too. This summer in particular, saw more than a few movies crash and burn with barely a whimper

17 Sep 13

Interview: Helghyer

We interview multi-instrumentalist Natalie Earl, who commands the solo project Helghyer (pronounced Hell-hear), an upcoming act hailing from Cornwall, Southwest England. The name itself is the Cornish term for ‘hunter’, as she tells us and more

28 Aug 13

Top 5 Underrated Games

This week, we explore some titles that had plenty of merit in their banks but flew under the radar for various reasons. You might not have heard of some of them, but that’s why they’re termed underrated!

21 Aug 13

Caution: Men at Work

The concept of a superhero is one that never fails to amaze us mere mortals. Their powers, persona and painstakingly crafted lives have evolved to become our pet escapist fantasies. This article aims to gloss over some aspects of a genre that seems set to be the crown jewel for major film studios for quite some time to come

13 Aug 13

The Intriguing German Connections In Breaking Bad

With the final batch of eight episodes set to air starting August 11 on AMC, we highlight one of the many intriguing aspects about the show: the pervasiveness of German names and plot points scattered sporadically on air

08 Aug 13

Interview: HeavyLight

We interview HeavyLighy, an upcoming rock act hailing from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The four-piece got together in the summer of 2011, and have rocked out amphitheaters, Dutch and elsewhere, small or large ever since

01 Aug 13

Interview: Cable Car

We interview Cable Car, an upcoming pop-rock outfit hailing from California. With the likes of Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake among their primary influences, the three-piece had a chance meeting in a Los Angeles apartment in 2012, a short while before they put out their debut Ride EP. Thanks to Jack, Nate and Ryan for sharing their views

31 Jul 13

How to Handle a Superman v Batman Story

You may or may not have digged the first rendition of Man of Steel, but guess what? There’s a sequel set for release in a couple of years and Gotham City’s finest is set to make an appearance. What do you make of that?