23 Jul 13

What Would You Do for Your Baby Girl? Father Figures in The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite

Both BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us may present wildly dystopian futures as part of their isolated narratives, but they also speak of men coming into their own with fatherhood and relationships. We have a deeper, emotional look at these facets in play within both of these titles

18 Jul 13

Mr. Underrated

How many times has a supporting actor, playing a minor role, surpassed the lead’s performance? Many have in fact gone above and beyond the necessary and delivered fantastic performances, yet haven’t quite made it to the top. We have a look at a list of five such underrated performers from the industry today

24 Jun 13

Goo Goo Dolls: A Ten Greatest Songs Compilation

Now that Magnetic is well and truly booming on the airwaves, we take some time out to handpick ten select songs from the Goo Goo discography that would make a hypothetical greatest hits compilation, should they release one right at this minute. Have fun!

19 Jun 13

Tomb Raider: The Creative Ceiling is Far Ahead

Fearing for the end of the Tomb Raider franchise? Dismay not, there are yet a ton of things within Lara Croft and her world that have plenty of padding above for future expansion in the years to come

03 Jun 13

Why Was Avatar so Huge?

Was it Cameron’s stature that propelled the film into greater heights? Or something to do with the film itself? We explore why Avatar wasn’t your everyday action flick

23 May 13

Linkin Park Lease Out a Singer

Following Sunday’s announcement of Chester Bennington signing up as lead vocalist for the Stone Temple Pilots, we take a look at the potential fate of both acts from this point on. Also, a tidbit on the accompanying release, ‘Out of Time’

16 May 13

The Best First Encounters in Video Games

Primary characters through the course of any game set up their own legacies. However, it’s quite worth it to recall the circumstances around their first sightings, from many moons ago

15 May 13

Ranking the U2 Discography

With a thirteenth record on the anvil, we take some time out to rank the dozen releases put out by this Irish mega-act thus far, in a career spanning over three decades

11 May 13

Die Hardest: One Too Many?

True, the sixth installment may well be in the pipeline. Not that it will turn out to be any good, and John McClane may well have truly run his course

01 May 13

Starting out On-Stage

How certain acts self-combust on stage. Or not. What they should have done. Or can do

19 Apr 13

5 Great Space Operas of Our Time

Handpicking five titles off the endless array of space films is a task – but here you are

10 Apr 13

How to Audition a New Band Member

Looking to garnish your act with a quality addition? Well here’s how you might get the ‘quality’

08 Apr 13

The Top 5 Action Films of the 1990s

We pick out select hits from the quintessential decade of action films, the good ol’ 1990s

06 Mar 13

Interview: The Custodian

  The Custodian constitute a four-piece progressive rock outfit hailing from the UK, and they’re looming close to a release of their debut effort, Necessary Wasted Time. Thanks to Rich [&hellip

04 Mar 13

Interview: I, The Lion

  We interview I, The Lion, an upcoming punk outfit hailing from Cheltenham in the UK. With the likes of Biffy Clyro and Four Year Strong among their primary influences, [&hellip

Bon Iver -  For Emma, Forever Ago.  CD Artwork, album cover
01 Mar 13

The spydistrict “Best of All Time” Compilation

Lists are fun. However, best of all-time lists are something else. We ask our reviewers to compile lists of their best-of-all-time albums

19 Feb 13

2013 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Preview: Part 3

And our final part of our 2013 Sci-Fi preview, from Hobbits to Wolverines

12 Feb 13

Interview: Theverlong

We interview the guitarist Pep of Theverlong, who hail from the isle of Mallorca off the coast of mainland Spain