What is spydistrict?


spydistrict is an online destination for music enthusiasts, covering releases of rock, pop, heavy metal, hip-hop, jazz and electronica. In its fourth year of online publication, the website and its team of dedicated reviewers strive to present to its readers a constant barrage of instant reviews on fresh content released worldwide, be it by a top-40 three piece or a solo musician. Audio, video and various social personas of today’s Internet generation continue to ensure that the site is never without a fresh volume of readership willing to remain up to date with the week’s top highlights on the musical landscape.


How long has spydistrict been around?


The site sprung from a harmless blog post many moons ago by founder Varun Ravichandran. The review was Light it Up by Rev Theory and it went up on his blog back on the evening of September 13, 2009.


Can I contribute a review to spydistrict?


We are always on the active lookout for fresh reviewers to join the team. If you would like to be a part of it, let us know through the Contact page. Remember to select ‘Contributor Information’ from the pull-down menu and to type in your qualifications and genres of interest in the text area below. Ideally, we should get back to you within a couple of days.


Alternatively, you may also choose to submit a guest review to the site. Follow the same procedure as above, but mention that you would like to participate solely an occasional guest reviewer. Here are our Writing Guidelines, which show the procedures followed to maintain the depth and general format of each review on the site.


I wish to advertise my company on spydistrict. How may I go about doing so?


At the current time, we want to keep the site as ad-free as possible. Hence, the only space available for a banner advertisement is the large background area on all pages of the site. Naturally thus, the ad should be rather heavy in its resolution and dark in its aura. Should you be interested in placing such an ad, use the Contact form to let us know of your company details. Remember to select the ‘Advertiser Information’ from the pull-down menu. One of our support team should reach you within one business day.


How can I get featured or reviewed on spydistrict?


Again, you may begin by reaching us through the Contact page. You may follow up your submission by submitting content for the spydistrict sampler, the instructions of which will be provided in a reply to your initial correspondence.


Where can I find the spydistrict social links?


spydistrict is active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The Facebook page exists to broadcast freshly published reviews onto the site, as well as notify fans of activities pertaining to their favourite bands. New features in and around the site will also be posted about. The Twitter handle performs more or less the same functions, but aims to get readers closer to our reviewers and their subjects of review. Lastly, the YouTube page plays host to spydistricTV, our upcoming media portal.


When will the spydistrict store be open for purchases?


Unfortunately we cannot place a definite timeframe on any activities pertaining to the store, but a rough estimate would be the latter half of 2013.